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Special Series Spotlight : Song of Submission ~ by CD Reiss

Author: CD Reiss
Genre: Erotica

Sizzling Pages has been very enthralled with the following series by CD Reiss. 
We felt we owed CD a special spotlight for a beautifully written story. Thank you CD. 

                     Loved the introduction to this serial. I was so intrigued and wanted more ~Nichole~

This is my Jonathan 
It's fantastic! Really, really well written. I definitely want more!
It's sexy, sassy and HOT... with some great lines. ~Cariad~
I really feel like im in the story with these characters which is hard to find anymore.
Cant wait to keep reading more in this series and future books.  ~Tara~

Really like this. Doesn't start in the bedroom. You get a real feel for the characters. Now, when the sex starts it's HOT!
The characters are likeable, they have real issues.
Yes this is a billionaire that wants the broke, pretty waitresses/singer but I have a feeling there is going to be more to it as the series goes on.

Tease (Songs of Submission,...

These characters really grabbed me and kept me riveted, 
I couldn't wait for more ~Nichole~
 A juicy, gripping, sizzling hot, full 5 stars from me! I even want her bruises! ~Cariad~

Submit (Songs of Submission...

I feel like it's a slow dance...and I don't want the song to end.
Please write faster Ms. Reiss ~Nichole~
 The writing IS stunning, the story IS smart and complex AND packed with detail. I hope more than anything that book 4 sears through the roof in its erotic notes in the way that only CD can write them.  ~Cariad~

The writing just seems to flow in these books making them really enjoyable ~Tara~

 Control (Songs of Submissio... 
Billed as a TV series in books, it's going to need to be because there's soooo much more to say! These are such detailed, well written, hot novellas, that they are like episodes and I love them. Tuning in won't be optional, I already want to know what's coming next!  ~Cariad~
This might not seem like a big deal to you but for me these books don't come very often and just knowing that shit is gonna hit the fan is the fucking best..  ~Tara~
        This series, each book, gets better and better!  ~Trish~

Burn (Songs of Submission, #5) 
I felt a new depth was reached this time in the both their story and the writing. And their relationship's changing again... I loved that. ~Cariad~

I love these characters they are so in tune in her book that you find yourself not even feeling like you are reading a book but more like its your story your reading. ~Tara~
Why are you wasting time reading reviews?? Read this series!! It's phenomenal!! ~Trish~

Resist (Songs of Submission...


 Her distinct style shines through so quickly that even months after the last book I was straight back into this one! ~Cariad~

Sing (Songs of Submission, #7) 


It's been an emotional rollercoaster of a series!

From that, I didn't expect such a beautifully written complete series the quality of which has continued throughout the seven books - it's been a real treat. I'm not going to give the story and especially the ending away! Suffice to say, it's edge of your seat stuff to the very end!

Thank you so much CD Reiss, 
Songs of Submission has given me many hours of happy reading...~Cariad~

~ Quotes from Songs of Submission ~

“God,' he said, 'I have to have you.'
'Take me. Own me. Use me. Pick a verb. Just please.'
'Fuck you. I'm going to fuck you. That's my verb.” 
― C.D. ReissResist

“Was there anyone before you?
You might have thought so at the the time.
I feel like no one's ever loved me before.
I'm sure they did their best, but you always belonged to me.” 
― C.D. ReissResist

“I want to be your last. I want to ruin you for other men.” 
― C.D. ReissSubmit

“I understand words like no and stop. Outside of those, your body is my playground.” 
― C.D. ReissTease

“I want you to understand something. That man? He’s not some boyfriend in a line of them. He is my alpha and omega. He is the sky over me. Without him, I’m lost. There’s no one else, no one whose soul balances mine the way his does. I’ve waited my life for him, and when he came, I didn’t recognize him. Not until recently. If I lose him, I swear, as God is my witness, I will be alone. No man can match him.” 
― C.D. ReissSing

“The minute I told you to spread your legs and you did it, you were mine. When I told you to beg for it and you did, you were mine. When you put your hands behind your back without being told, I owned you.” 
― C.D. ReissSubmit

We didn't have the time to do proper justice to all the novellas in between each awesome installation. This series was very enjoyable and we are fans of CD Reiss and her generosity to her fans knows now bounds.
Thank you CD for being such an amazing lady. Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

~ Reading Order ~

The Stunning Conclusion


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~ About the Author ~

CD Reiss lives smack in the middle of Los Angeles with her children and husband. She likes to make pretty pictures and write dirty scenes. She eats dark chocolate and chili, together, sometimes with bacon, and doesn't care what you think about that. There are a million more things she could tell you about herself besides that, but they're all too boring to mention in company.

~ Connect with the Author ~

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