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 The Final Chase
Title: The Final Chase (Final Love #2)
Author: Jessica Florence
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 21, 2016

I never thought a wallaby, Henley shirts, and a horse’s rectal exam would have anything in common. Turns out they did. Jake Wild. Owner of Wild rescue for exotic animals. He’s everything I’m not, my polar opposite. I’m heels and my salon, He’s dirt and his creatures. But much like the animals he cares for, he’s got that carnal edge He’s the type of man you crawl on your hands and knees for with your ass up in the air. He bites, he's on the hunt, and now I’m his prey A chance meeting and a bet started the undeniable attraction between us. But I’m not giving my heart and soul away that easy, he’s going to have to catch me first. It's the ultimate game of cat and mouse, But will it be the Final Chase?

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. In the first second, time seemed to slow. I saw sexy brown hair, a trimmed beard running along a chiseled jaw, and perfect lips. Oh, and one of the hottest bods I had ever laid eyes on. He was lean, but had big muscles bulging from his arms. In the next second, that is where everything went wrong. Those bulging muscles in his arms? Well one of those arms was elbow-deep in a horse’s ass.

Ass. Yep, a horse’s ass.
Eyes of both gentlemen turned towards me. 
“Why do you have your whole arm up a horse’s ass?”
 My injury was forgotten. I couldn’t understand what I was seeing. “We are doing a rectal exam to see if the lady is in the family way,” said the older man, who was not fisting a horse. I didn’t speak. I was still in what the hell mode. 
“We can feel the uterus this way and determine size and hardness to see if she is indeed pregnant.” 
He tried again.
 I understood him this time, but still wanted to take a Lysol dip after seeing that. Tearing my eyes away from the horse’s backside, I looked at the men.
“I’m looking for Jake. The wallaby bit me and I need a first aid kit.” They stared at me.

“Please,” I added for sincerity. 
The one man pulled his arm out of the horse. Thank God he was wearing a very long glove. But still. Ewe.

 “I’m Jake. Head into the lodge and I’ll be there in a minute. The back door is open.”  

Back door jokes flooded my brain after what I had just seen, but I held them back.
 Didn’t need to make this moment any more awkward than it already was.
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I adore romantic comedies. But more than that I love a hero who knows what he wants and doesn't waver. This author has captured my heart in a sexy, funny, passionate kick ass way. 

 The heroine Cammy is one tough chic yet she's incredibly feminine and loyal to those she loves. 
Oh boy will you fall hard for Jake Wild. He's a man's man in the best way. The added atmosphere of adorable exotic animals had me smiling and swooning with happiness.
 Such sexy yet absolutely hysterical scenes. I flipped through the pages like my kids at a pizza buffet count their slices. 

Ms. Florence you are rocketing up the list of my favorite feel good authors. Can't wait for more. 
#SafeRead #PerfectHero 
#RomanticComedy #Funny #Hot
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Jessica Florence, Kaleidoscope of Romance Writer of Surviving Valentine. The of The Heart trilogy, Evergreen,Lights of Scotland Series, and The Final Love series. When she's not writing her next invigorating story. You can find her running her own business, and spending time with her husband and daughter in southwest Florida. Jessica loves to interact with her readers, find her on:

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