Friday, December 8, 2017

Blog Tour : Locked Down Heart by Tarina Deaton

Locked-Down Heart:

Denise Reynolds’s tightly controlled life is thrown off kilter when she’s given custody of her young cousins. There are days she has a hard enough time getting herself out of bed, never mind two precocious kids.

If that wasn’t enough, Chris Nolton comes strolling back into town as suddenly as he left it. She’d broken her own rules and given him a chance once before, only to have him ghost on her. But he’s not there for her this time. No, he’s leading the FBI Task Force intent on capturing the kids’ biological father. A man who was sent to prison for manslaughter. A man who was released five years too early. A man who wants his kids back.

The past has a way of repeating itself and once again, Denise finds herself defending the innocent against the evil of world. One wrong decision, one second guess, could have devastating consequences. To protect the most important people in her life, she’ll need to trust the one man with the power to break her.

The continuation of Denise and Chris's story was amazing. I was so worried they'd struggle with reuniting but Tarina balanced the normal insecurities of a second chance romance with pure and utter loyalty and faithfulness. Chris was and is the best kind of hero, supportive yet protective. He's absolutely the best kinda of alpha hero. He knew Denise can take care of herself but he wanted to stand beside her.
Denise had so many demons yet with loving Kimber and Kaden she learned giving love is as healing as receiving love.

 I really enjoy the added devotion of service animals in this series. Lots of suspense had me really on the edge of my seat. Yet really what I loved was seeing Denise and Chris grab their change and hang on tight, locking it down and creating one amazing family. I can't wait for more, maybe Grahams story.

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About the Author:

Tarina has spent her entire life in and around the military - first as a dependent and then as an enlisted Air Force member.

In 2015, a friend challenged her to complete NaNoWriMo. She dusted off one of the many stories she'd started over the years, threw it in the trash, and started all over.

Her debut novel, Stitched Up Heart, released in September 2016. The military gives her plenty of material to work with and she strives to create characters who authentically represent all facets of the military life - the good and the not so great.

Tarina is still active duty and a single mom of five-year-old twins. Her favorite hobby is sleep. She has delusions of retiring from the military and being a stay-at-home mom.

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