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RELEASE BOOST - Words of Love by Nina Lindsey and @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Words of Love
Series: Bliss Cove #4
Author: Nina Lindsey
Genre: Spicy Sweet Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2020


As the new year approaches, journalist Brooke Castle escapes to a remote mountain cabin for a self-improvement retreat - even though she has no idea where to start. But her plans of quiet solitude are shattered when a booking error forces her to share the cabin with sexy bookstore owner Sam Donovan.

Though Sam makes Brooke tingle all over, he's bad-tempered and has a past shrouded in mystery. When a sudden snowstorm prevents them from leaving, the cabin quickly proves to be too small for both them and their undeniably hot attraction.

Sam has spent the past year fighting his attraction to the perky, inquisitive Brooke. With his need for privacy, the last thing he wants is a relationship with a reporter. But when Brooke discovers his closely guarded secret, he has no choice but to surrender to her demands.

Despite their game of cat-and-mouse, Brooke and Sam embark on a sizzling affair...but neither of them expects to follow a lead straight to love.


The Bliss Cove novels are sweet, sexy contemporary romances that can be read as standalones or enjoyed as part of the series. Reading order:


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Another exceptional 5-star tale from the amazing Nina Lindsey. This author truly knows how to touch the very heart of me through her lovable characters and world-building, descriptive writing style. I am simply addicted to all of these small-town romances, and Words of Love became an instant favorite as this couple's experiences and journey completely consumed me. This slow-burning novel was chock full of sweetness, tenderness, and fiery passion. Sparks ignited when the perky and optimistic journalist Brooke Castle, found herself stranded in a secluded cabin weathering a brutal snowstorm with the overly sexy and broody Sam Donovan. Deliciously captivating from beginning to end, this was the perfect heartwarming read.

Brooke, a down on her luck reporter, was looking forward to a winter getaway to reflect, reset goals for her career, and rediscover herself. However, all plans went awry when the man she secretly desired surprisingly showed up at the cabin and turned everything upside down. What was supposed to be a quiet retreat became an opportunity to spend time and get to know the guarded town bookstore owner and local hottie, Sam.

I just adored everything about this perky heroine and her radiant "sunny side up" attitude towards life. Her quest to take chances and seek courage showed just how much strength and determination Brooke possessed. She was precisely what Sam needed. A guarded man who was a true disbeliever of romance and riddled with secrets, I relished the gentle and loving way Brooke managed to guide this hero to unravel and shed his many layers slowly. All along, their chemistry was explosive, which certainly made this read a treat. I couldn't help but fall in love with all things Sam, and it was pure joy seeing the relationship blossom. From the remote cabin in the woods to the quaint seaside town of Bliss Cove, I loved every moment spent with this remarkable couple. 

Once again, Nina Lindsey overwhelmed me by penning yet another beautiful and lighthearted passionate story, that I truly enjoyed. If you are a lover of contemporary romance, I highly recommend this novel, this series, and this author as a must-read.          

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Author Bio

Nina Lindsey writes romances filled with heart, heat, and happy endings. She is delighted to introduce readers to Bliss Cove, California, a coastal town with an abundance of warm cookies, ocean breezes, and the ever-present possibility of love.

Nina loves all things spicy and sweet, with chili chocolates being at the top of the list. She is also a fan of glossy magazines, pop culture, Gilmore Girls, energy bites, Orangetheory, and the sound of silence.

She lives in Wisconsin with her meteorologist husband (yes, she asks him daily, "What's the weather forecast?"), their two children, a hyperactive dog, and a snail named Pipsqueak.

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