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Blog Tour: More Than Her by Jay McLean

More Than Her (More Series book 3 by Jay McLean
Publication Date: November 18, 2013 
Published By: Jay Mclean  

"For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction."

For every choice you make there are rewards,
or there are consequences.
It was my choice to walk away the first time.
And my choice to chase her the second.
But sometimes you don't get a choice,
and all you get are the consequences.

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Unless that someone is Logan Matthews.
Because loving him didn't give me
the strength to walk away.
It didn't give me
the courage to fight for him.
And when it was over,
all it gave me was a broken heart.
I don't usually use the blurb from the book and post it to my review, but this one was brilliant and said what I couldn't..  I loved More Than This By Jay McLean the book one in this series.  It was a heartbreaking,  beautiful love story that I more than enjoyed.. In this story you meet Logan and I LOVED Logan.  I loved his humor and his loyalty, all whilst knowing his story was one of heartbreak.  I was that!

You start with a glimpse into the past where Logan first meets her..and while he is thinking there is more she is actually planning for MORE..  Every piece of the past starts putting the puzzle of the present together...Miss-communication and wires cross leaving the inevitable hanging in the wind.  Once the bonds are created though nothing can stop where this has got to go..except Logan has a knack of always getting in his own way..

"I'd love to say that I don't remember what went down last night, but I did.  I remembered being an asshole to her.  I remember doing it all on purpose, so she would leave me alone and not want to be with me, because there was no fucking way I deserved her.  Not even a little." Logan

This story ends in a way that had me cussing and possibly throwing my Kindle across the bedroom..but don't let that stop you, it is a story that needs to be read.  Logan and his "her" have a love story that deserves the HEA I am praying it has..  I NEED it to have!  This story though different from first was just as engaging and being able to get more of the supporting players makes me happy..  Their group of friends all have a special place in my heart, but I just need book two like NOW..

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 Jay McLean is an author of Mature YA / New Adult contemporary novels. She enjoys reading and writing books that make people laugh, cry and swoon for dreamy book boyfriends. When not doing ether of those things, she can be found looking after her two little boys and trying to avoid house work at all costs.

He kissed me once, softly. " I want to feel everywhere he's felt. I want to replace the memory of his touch with mine. I don't want a single part of your body to no know my hands, do you understand?" His voice was low, husky, filled with desire. My eyes drifted shut at his words. A sound of agreement leaves my mouth. He started kissing my jaw. "Has he kissed you here?" he whispered, his words muffled. I nodded. His lips moved from my jaw and worked their way down to my neck, kissing, licking, and slightly sucking. I could fell his hard-on against my stomach. One of the his hands moved to cup the back of my head, his finger curled into my hair, softly pulling and tilting my head back to give him better access. I moaned. His other hand moved under my shirt, the back of his fingers skimming my stomach before I felt him grip my side, just under my breast. I wasn't wearing a bra. He released his grip on my hair just enough that my head fell forward; he kissed me again, just once. Then I felt his thumb rub against my already straining nipple. He made a moaning sound from deep in his throat, pushing into me. "Has he touched here?" I nodded again. He replaced his thumb with his hand, covering my entire breast, gently squeezing. "Oh my God," I whispered. My chest heaved with every breath. My legs squeezed together trying to find some form of relief. His other hand moved from my head, to under my shirt and onto my bare back. Then he started to slide it lower, and lower, slowly making it's way under my panties and onto my ass. "Fucking shit, " he spat out, grabbing a handful. "Please don't tell me he's touched you here?" I kept quiet. "Fuck." He knew the meaning of my silence.

Keep a look out for Book 3 in the More Series.

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