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Blog Tour: Bound to the Fallen by Stevie Cole

Within all legends, within all myths, lies a glimmer of truth. . .

Since the beginning of time there have been stories of demons and tales of darkness; creatures that stalk our dreams. Beings we pray in reality will never touch us. It is easily forgotten that evil can be veiled by breathtaking beauty. After all, few things in this world are truly as they seem.

Brooke Davis was well aware that people can pretend to be someone they are not. She'd had several life experiences that had taught her that. When she met Gavin Hunter she thought she knew exactly what kind of man he was - but she couldn't have been more mistaken in her assumption.

Gavin Hunter was successful, dominant, and had an innate weakness for women. A weakness that, if not controlled, could lead to a dangerous attraction. To make certain that he remained in control he never pursued an innocent mortal — until Brooke. The temptation she posed was a sin he could not deny, a pleasure he wanted to own. His desire for Brooke possessed him.

Brooke and Gavin quickly became entangled within a passionate love founded on deception. Not even the darkness could keep his secrets hidden forever, for it was only a matter of time before Gavin’s past would try to tear their love apart.

Prophecies can rarely be changed, fate seldom turns, and Brooke would soon find herself clinging to sins most would run from.

There was no escape. She had been bound the moment that he fell.

*Due to language and sexual content this book is intended for mature audiences.

This was a beautifully written book. I ended up getting lost in this story not only from the uniqueness of it, but the words just seem to suck you in to a different world. I loved getting lost into something forbidden. Something that made me want to take the male lead and run away with. He had this pull about him that made you want to be bound to him as well.. Throw in the fact that there was some seriously hot (hands in the pants) scenes and it’s the complete package.  Lets be honest who doesn’t want a guy that growls, is possessive and can screw you so hard on a desk that shit falls off the walls.

Gavin felt the pull to Brooke the moment he breathed the same air as her. The attraction was felt by both and although they both had different reasons to fight it the force pulling them together was to strong. Brooke was strong minded and I loved that when needed she spoke her mind. The love that Gavin and Brooke felt for each other was overwhelming and yet right.

I can't wait to see what Ms. Cole brings in her second book. We didn't really get a lot of PNR in the first book so I'm really excited to delve into that realm of the story. The author has a way with words that suck you into this world she has created. A world that you don't know anything about, but seem starved to for the information. She has packed a punch with her debut novel. Once you get into the heads of her characters you won't want to leave.

This book is labeled paranormal, and the beginning of the book takes you back so far I would consider it the start of existence. Not being one for historical books I was slightly nervous..but the scene is only set with the backwards glance, so that you know why the players are where they are now. 

You fast forward brilliantly to the now, you meet graduation, a whole patterned life sits before her, but it is not the path she envisions for herself.  Her father has always wanted one of his daughters to become the second doctor of the family.  His actions as a human have pushed Brooke away from ever wanting or accepting that kind of behavior.


A new job in the medical field, new creepy ass boss, a girl I don’t trust from first meet, and one hot looking doctor sets her new scene for the foreseeable future. 

Gavin is a man of singular tastes.  He doesn’t dip his wick in the company melting pot.  He has no choice but to exist in this world so he has come to know what he wants and desires.  Never has a woman made him stop to imagine what if…but he is a dirty talking man that knows his way around the lady parts and for that I say “hollah”..

Attraction crackles..lines are crossed and love is found.  With the world as Gavin knows it Brooke safe?  Can these two find a happily ever after when one has no end in sight?  Little did I know the answers will be in book win this round Stevie! Another thing this author did was to incorporate music with the story, even if just on the radio in the car, or a background song emanating through the scene, it helped set a tone that was incredibly deep.  So with that I leave you a song that reminds of me of my immortal..

Oh, so many things I could say... but I'll behave.

I grew up in the south listening to a ton of grunge rock. I was forced to pursue an "acceptable profession" by my parents. They refused to let me major in creative writing or theater because they "wouldn't provide financial security". So, against my will I trudged through college in a slightly drunken haze and ended up with one of those "acceptable" jobs, absolutely able to identify with the guy from the movie Office Space.
When I hit 30 I decided to start a bucket list and publishing a book was on the top (followed shortly by meeting a certain celebrity, which I'm stoked to say happened).
So, here I am with my first novel and working on the second one. The journey of writing Bound to the Fallen has been amazing and allowed me to meet many wonderful individuals.
I hope if you read my work that you will enjoy it. After all, writing is the most amazing magic trick of all... it puts the reader in the mind of the writer (kind of creepy if you think about it).

I hope you love my little world as much as I do.

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