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Blog Tour: Desire (The Seductors Series Vol. 1) by B. L. Wilde *** With Deleted Scenes***

When Bee originally offered Sizzling Pages 
an ARC of her new book 
we had no idea what to expect 
from this new British author. 
What we received far exceeded our expectations. 
A gritty, suspenseful, sizzling hot read that 
left us on the edge of our seats wanting more.

Join us now for two, smokin' hot deleted sex scenes 
personally chosen for us by Bee 
as part of the Desire Blog Tour.

This was originally the start of 
Chapter Seven… 

A drunk Jade
—or so Oliver thought—
 fucking him senseless  

 “Holy shit, Jade! Don’t stop…please…not again!” I’d been fucking Oliver for the last hour, driving him almost to the brink, only to release him just before he could cum. I was building his orgasm, as well as mine. When we finally fell, it was going to feel like an eruption of pure pleasure, and I couldn’t wait. It had been years since I’d had this level of release. Sweat covered both our bodies. Oliver’s hands were gliding effortlessly over my slick skin as I began to speed up, sinking farther onto his member. “Can you feel that?” I purred, rolling my hips to make sure his cock hit that spot inside me. “Yes…shit…yeah. I feel it, alright.” He grabbed my hips and began to meet me thrust for thrust. Oh, someone wants to cum, I think. I moved Oliver’s hands from my hips to my breast, knowing he’d get sidetracked. “Mm…I love the way you play with my tits.” I arched my breasts deeper into Oliver’s hands while he palmed them, pulling roughly on my aching nipples. “Jade, I swear if you deny me this time, I’m going to throw you onto your stomach and fuck the shit out of you,” he threatened. “I don’t know what games you’re playing, but let go. It’s fine to want this pleasure. That’s what sex is all about. You’ve come this far already—it’s time to give in.” 
He ran his fingers down into my dripping wet sex. “Shit, you’re so wet. 
No wonder my cock is sliding in and out of you so easily.” Oliver and his dirty words made me clench around him, milking him as both our orgasms began to build. I wanted to stop, but the fire in Oliver’s eyes as he grabbed my hips and began to move me even faster up and down his length, kept me from doing so. It was time to cum. I was ready, and he certainly was. I began to shudder first as he continued to thrust up toward me, and my orgasm must have set his off. I fell into a cloud of pure bliss, hearing Oliver groaning out my name like a prayer soon after. “Shit, Jade,” he panted, exhausted as I collapsed on top of him. I wasn’t even able move, nor did I want to. I was in a post orgasmic state and it felt amazing. My entire body was tingling. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt so alive. “That was amazing, but you really need to think about sleeping. You’ve had a lot to drink tonight!”

He’d just been fucked by the real me and had no clue, but he was right, sleep was a good idea. Oliver and I fell asleep in that state of bliss minutes later. I’d have some explaining to do in the morning. 
― B. L. Wilde, Desire

Oliver and Jade 
joined the mile high club in chapter 14, 
when they flew to Macon in his private jet in the first draft…

“Are you trying to distract me?” “I only came over for a kiss,”
I smirked, leaning down and pushing him against his seat as my lips locked with his. Oliver groaned into my mouth, his hands digging into my hips.
“How do you feel about a trip to the restroom?” he muttered into my ear. 
“I think it’s time you joined that club.”“Really?” I giggled, getting up quickly.
“Oh, yes, Jade, really,” Oliver snarled, practically dragging me into the restroom.

I braced myself against the vanity as Oliver attacked my sex with his fingers and tongue. I was trying so hard not to make much noise, 
but he was too talented. 

I bit my tongue as I fell apart.
            “How are you enjoying the club, Jade?” he whispered close to my ear once I’d come undone.
“I don’t know why I didn’t join it sooner,” I gasped, catching my breath. Of course, really, I’d been in this club countless times before.
“That’s because you hadn’t met me,” he snarled from behind me, undoing his trousers and thrusting inside me.Oh, yes! 
“You better hold onto something, Beautiful, and try to be quiet, he groaned, starting an exasperating pace. His pace was like nothing else I’d experienced before, and I couldn’t stop the groans that escaped my lips. We both climaxed together, and Oliver had to put his hands over my mouth to muffle my cries of pleasure.“I don’t think we want everyone to know what we’ve been doing, Jade,” he breathed against my ear. “I’m sure the pilot at the front of this jet would have heard you if I hadn’t covered your mouth.” “You might be right,” I gasped, bracing myself on the sink again while Oliver gently pulled my panties back up, kissing both of my ass cheeks as he did so. 
“Mm…I might have to think about buying a new jet,” he mused, straightening my dress.“Now that I have you,a bedroom seems to be something I think we might need.” 
“You can’t buy a plane with a bedroom just so we can have more sex!" 

I gasped. Was he serious?
“I can do whatever I want,” he teased as I turned around to face him. I shook my head, watching him do his slacks back up.
“I thought you liked to act normal,” I pointed out, trying to cross my arms in the small space that I had.
“You seem to be having an effect on me,” he replied huskily, pushing me against the wall.
“Don’t buy another plane,” I pleaded. Oliver smirked, pecking my lips.
“Come on, let’s enjoy the rest of the flight.” I sighed deeply, checking my reflection in the mirror. “You look as beautiful as always.”
“I look well and truly fucked,” I giggled, pulling my dress straight in the front.
““Cursing,” Oliver tutted, gripping my ass. 
“You’re turning me on again.”
“Then we better leave—quick,” 
I replied playfully, pushing him out the door as he opened it.

The stewardess smiled warmly at us as we took our seats. Oh, she knew what we’d just been doing, alright.

― B. L. Wilde, Desire

Thank you so much for sharing these
beautiful, hot scenes with us Bee. 
We're really looking forward to Book 2 
out in June 2014 

And the amazing team at 

Sizzling Pages


  1. Sounds like my kind of read. Hot, steamy and sexy. Can't wait to grab a copy and read.

    1. Yay!
      Hope you love it too!!! Thanks for stopping by : )


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