Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sizzling Series Spotlight & Giveaway: The Seduction series by Roxy Sloane

(LOL... Or the world according to Vaughn!)
All women look the same on their knees 
with their lips wrapped around my cock.
You like to think you’re different, special somehow.
But trust me, I’ll have you wet and begging for it 
before you can think of all those 
bullshit, good girl reasons why not.
 I'm your darkest secret. 
Your dirtiest fantasy.

"Show me a woman who doesn’t like to be dominated, 
and I’ll show you a fucking liar. 
It’s OK, you can admit it. I won’t tell. 
You want it rough and deep and dirty.
 You want my cock pounding so 
deep into your pussy, you see God."
I thought she was just a job to me, another girl to screw. But now she’s under my skin, and I can’t just walk away. My secrets are spiraling out of control, but I can’t quit now. She doesn’t realize the danger she’s facing,
or that her biggest threat is me. 
I want to protect her,
but I could wind up destroying us both.
There’s not a woman in the world 

who won’t spread her legs for me. 

Admit it, you’re already wet, imagining my hands gripping 

tight around your wrists, holding you down. 

Showing you what a real man’s cock feels like 

buried all the way to the fucking hilt.

 Girls, if you haven't already then
it's time to meet Vaughn!
He's absolutely perfect... if you're looking an arrogant, cock sure badboy, with one hell of a reputation! 
A man that oozes dominance, an A+++ Alpha. 

Oh. My. Fucking God! 
I'm blown away by how completely 
fucking dirty and delicious this series has been.

"Sexy and dangerous, with a filthy 
mouth and a body that could make 
a grown woman weep with joy."

Ladies, a series like this ensures we're 
on our best game with our partners! 
Who wouldn't want their man to feel 
the way Vaughn does for Keely
 in this steamy as hell series?  
His POV was PURE filth!!

It wasn't just the phenomenal spanking scenes, the public sex, the dirty talk from both Keely and Vaughn. It wasn't even the BDSM, phenomenal anal,
or some of the hottest unrepetitive sex scenes 
that I've ever had the pleasure of reading. 

Nope! It was simply the 
perfect combination of everything!
This whole series screams multiple... panty change!

“You came. Is that a problem?” 
She blinks, slowly opening her mouth again. 
I wait for a whine, but instead, her lips curl in a delighted grin. 
“I've never orgasmed with a man before. With someone else, I mean.” 
I yank my jeans back up and rinse my hands. 
“If you’re still standing, and able to string two words together,
 that wasn't an orgasm.” 
She frowns. “What was it then?” 
“A rehearsal.” 

Enough said?!!

Get in there! Enjoy!!

It's a keeper! LOL!

This series got better and better.

The HEA was perfect... not the usual though!!

The writing quality is outstanding, 

the storyline was brilliant and exciting. 

The mind blowing sex was AMAZING!

It was different every single time, in every single way... 

and in every single room!!

Don't miss out, enter our giveaway!

Or you'll be due you're own spanking!


Click the covers!


 It's been a massive pleasure and honor to be generously gifted Roxy's books to read and review. 

Thanks so much Roxy.

I hope everyone reading this series review knows 
me well enough to believe that gifted or not you can believe that the review is from my heart and nothing gets a five 
star review from me that IMO doesn’t deserve it. 
I've truly loved The Seduction series and Vaughn... hard!

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