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Blog Tour: Unavoidable Chance (Running into Love #5) by Annalisa Nicole @AnnalisaNicole4

Title: Unavoidable Chance
Series: Running Into Love #5
Author: Annalisa Nicole
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 13, 2015
Ava Wellington is a busy, prestigious Seattle lawyer with her sights firmly set on her goals. She’s precise and calculated to a fault and doesn’t have time in her career for relationships, especially with a man like Jax. Neither he nor what comes with him were ever part of her plan.

Jaxon Landry is ex-military, turned chef of his own thriving restaurant and the best single dad he knows how to be. He lives and breathes for the happiness of his two little girls. For the past two years he’s lived in a dreary world of regret, loss, and disappointment. That is until he meets Ava. He never thought he’d see color again in his dreams, much less in a woman.

Can Jax show Ava that she is more than checklists and goals?

Can Ava keep her promise even when she’s handed the golden opportunity to her ultimate goal. Will she risk love over her career?

Family is a feeling, not a definition. There are no words for it. It’s a feeling in your gut, in your heart, and in your soul.

There’s nothing you can do to stop true love, it’s unavoidable.

Unavoidable Chance (Running Into Love, #5)

I knew Ava would fall good and hard, when she finally met the one for her.  Jax was unexpected and not what she imagined she would fall for.  He was running his own restaurant, raising two little girls and she wasn't thinking ready-made family, she was thinking making partner in her law firm by the age of 30.  But sometimes our best laid plans, sometimes get a kink in them for the better.
Jax was so perfect for Ava, he totally knew how to handle her and take care of her.  But don't let me make you think he was all sweet and lovey - no, he was hot, sexy and bossy too - all those good qualities wrapped up into one seriously sexy man.  Now these two just need to figure it all out.
 This really is a sweet romance about a woman, who knows that her priorities are a little out of whack - and then literally runs in to the man who helps her put what she always wanted to be first in her life - "family".  If you need a HEA story, then this series is definitely the one for you.  It never disappoints.

I am an “Indie” contemporary romance author. I live in California with my husband and two teenage boys. I absolutely love being a stay at home mom. 

I never liked reading as a kid. I only started reading romance novels in the past few years. My Kindle and I are inseparable now. A thought occurred to me in December of 2012 that maybe I could write a romance novel. So I went to work with the encouragement of my husband and my sister-in-law. It didn’t take long to figure out that I really enjoy writing. 

Today I am a self-published author and it has been an amazing journey.


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