Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cover Reveal: Against Me (Cedar Tree #3) by Freya Barker @freya_barker

Cedar Tree Book #3
By Freya Barker
Release: April 1st, 2015
Patience has always been Caleb Whitetail's strength. Quiet and unassuming is what you see with the GFI investigator, but the blood boils hot right under the surface. He kept his distance for years only to see the woman who has held his attention almost lose her life not just once, but twice. He is done standing in the shadows.
Katie Acker, once a tough and athletic security specialist now struggles daily to walk. The closest to family she has are her colleagues at GFI. Especially the man who saved her life and always has her back. So when she unwittingly becomes the focus of a Mexican cartel, it’s no big surprise she finds him right by her side. 
With the combustive change in their deepening bond, Katie and Caleb do not see the oncoming danger - until it surrounds them.
The phone call with Neil had left me really unsettled and the flow of emotions, once started, seems endless. So I just let it come. Let it all fucking flow out of me, because frankly - I’m so tired of not feeling myself. I’ve always been alone, I guess, but I’ve never felt really lonely until now. It sucks. It really does, and it makes me weepy and emotional, and I’m not good with that. I normally stay busy, but I feel idle… useless. Arghhh! Now I’m held by strong arms, warm breath against my ear and I start bawling in earnest. What the fuck is wrong with me? I don’t even resist when Caleb lifts me out of the chair and settles me on his lap on the bed, still firmly held in the circle of his arms, one of his hands sliding up to press my head to his chest. Those fucking arms… Feels like I’ve cried a bathtub full by the time the flow stems a little, and all this time Caleb hasn’t said a word. He just keeps massaging my scalp with the fingers of his hand and never lets up the tight hold on my body. “Sorry,” I mumble. “For what? Been waiting for that.” I push back and look at him indignantly. “What do you mean, you’ve been waiting for that?” A small pull at the corner of his mouth is a tell he’s amused. Which only pisses me off. Waiting for me to fall apart? I try to move off his lap, but his hands slide to my hips and hold me in place. “Been waiting for you to do some processing instead of burying, which is what you’ve mostly been doing. Can’t rebuild on loose ground, Katie. You bury too much, the ground’s gonna be pretty loose… “ Caleb cups my chin in his hand and lifts it so I am looking into his dark hazel eyes. “You know you gotta get rid of the build up in order to move forward.” I hate it when he talks in that obscure language, but still I know exactly what he means. I hate it even more when he’s right. Crud. Leaning forward, I let my forehead drop against his chest and I can feel the vibrations of his deep chuckle. “You annoy me.” This only makes him chuckle louder. “I know. Now you wanna tell me what brought that on?” “Nope. Cause that’s probably gonna have me blubbering again and I really don’t wanna go there.” I shake my head but don’t lift my head off Caleb’s chest. Feels nice. His large hand slowly strokes up and down my spine, giving my exposed neck a small squeeze every time he reaches it, sending vague shivers of awareness over the surface of my skin. 
HUNDRED TO ONE (Cedar Tree #2)
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(Cedar Tree #1)
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Freya Barker has always loved being creative. From an early age on she danced and sang, doodled, created, cooked, baked, quilted and crafted. Her latest creative outlets were influenced by an ever-present love for reading. First through blogging, then cover art and design, and finally writing.
Born and raised in the Netherlands, she packed her two toddlers, and eight suitcases filled with toys to move to Canada. No stranger to new beginnings, she thrives on them.
With the kids grown and out in the world, Freya is at the ‘prime’ of her life. The body might be a bit ramshackle, but the spirit is high and as adventurous as ever. Something you may see reflected here and there in some of her heroines.... none of who will likely be wilting flowers.
Freya craved reading about 'real' people, those who are perhaps less than perfect, but just as deserving of romance, hot monkey sex and some thrills and chills in their lives – So she decided to write about them.

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