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Release Blitz : Blackmailing the Virgin by Alexa Riley @_AlexaRiley


Welcome to Alexa Riley Promises. This series is dedicated to old romances. It’s tropes galore, with all of our usual over-the-top alphas and sweet cheesy goodness.

These short books will focus on traditional and classic tropes while sticking to the Alexa Riley code: no cheating and always with an HEA. That’s our Promise to you.

Blackmailing the Virgin

When Calder Cox sees Felicity for the first time, he has to have her. There’s nothing that will hold him back…until he finds out she’s his business partner’s daughter.

Felicity Chandler is graduating college soon but has no idea what she wants to do. While playing her violin one night, she sees Calder and feels instantly drawn to him. But when he tries to keep his distance, she doesn’t know what to do with all of her feelings.

Calder can’t be held off much longer, and when his control snaps, there are consequences. Felicity might be trying to run, but he’ll make sure she stays…even if he has to blackmail her to do it.

Warning: This is an Alexa Riley Promise, so it’s over the top, contains no cheating, and will always come with an HEA. It’s ridiculous baby-making drama that’s packed full of heat.

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The past weeks have made me crazy with want, and I’ve done all I can to stay away. So many years my life has felt hollow, but since I found her on the balcony, something has changed. She crept into those empty spaces, and I need more. I crave her like oxygen.
Now, with her being this close, I can’t control it anymore. She’s too beautiful, the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen, and I feel so many things I’ve never felt before. Didn’t even know existed. It’s as if she’s brought something inside me to life. Felicity has turned me into a new man, woken me back up, and this new part of me must own her. In every way possible.
I strip out of my suit and throw it to the floor, and then stand there in my boxer briefs. I hesitate for only a second and then push them down as well. I know what I want, and I know she wants it, too. I’ve felt it between us, and I saw it in her eyes tonight.
I gently pull back her blanket, careful not to wake her yet. Looking down, I see she’s wearing a small T-shirt with her college crest on it and pale blue cotton panties. I’m a little surprised at her innocent underwear given how her dad had mentioned she was just like her mother. Then again, she didn’t expect me to come sneaking into her room tonight, so maybe that’s why she didn’t wear anything sexier. I like the look of these panties, though. They’re innocent and sweet, as if she’s untouched.
When I push away the blanket completely, I crawl into the bed on top of her.
Her eyes pop open, and she looks alarmed for just a moment before they focus and recognize it’s me. There’s a moment when she takes in a breath as if she’s going to scream, but then just lets it out slowly. She’s still as she looks into my eyes, the questions starting to mount. In the moonlight, I can see the blush deepen across her cheeks.
“Felicity,” I breathe the second before my lips land on hers.
I’ve held off as long as I could, but I have to taste her again. I have to claim her mouth as mine, because God knows who she’s given it to since we’ve been apart. I growl at the thought before pushing it away and sweeping my tongue inside her mouth.
She lets out a little whimper, but her hands go to the back of my head, holding me to her. Pressing the full weight of my body on top of her, I give into my urges and hold her tightly to me. My hands go to her sides and push the small shirt above her curvy waist, needing her skin against mine. My mouth moves to her neck, and I hear her say my name again, this time with a question on the end of it.
“What are you doing here?” she gasps, but her legs spread under me, allowing my steel-hard cock to press against her hot, panty-covered pussy.
“I’m giving us both what we need, sweetheart. I can’t stay away from you any longer. I’ve tried, but seeing you tonight was my undoing. Please, Felicity. Please don’t turn me away.”
Even I can hear the desperate plea in my voice as I beg her not to kick me out. I would pull away and leave her here alone if she asked me to. I would do anything she asked of me, but it would tear my soul into pieces if she did.
“Let me have you, Felicity.”

I dive into an Alexa Riley with my heart already open like a sponge.
 Ready to absorb all the goodness inside. I know I'll get an Alpha and I'll get some passion that will heat up my pages. The things that I always love about Alexa Riley stories are that the hero is so freaking possessive and he knows what he wants from the start. Well I know that authors can't write the same cookie cutter story each time and to stay fresh and relevant they have to change things up now and then...and every story must stand on it's own and be unique . The characters must have individual identities and also stand on their own too. So I will say that even though this wasn't my favorite of AR books, I did like it a lot. This new series has way more angst than previous books. I do realize they are going for the old school HQ type feel. So I know that lovers of that type of angst will be in heaven. My problem is I am so freaking spoiled..and it's this author duo's fault totally.
 I am used to the hero chasing and not wasting time..nope not months down the road.. I'm not used to painful words and such long time apart. 
 I'll admit it's ME and I'm the SAP. I am spoiled to sweet and possessive. So ..yea 
So after a not too great introduction to this hero I kept going and knew that they'd pull him around. I felt a lot of the same feelings the heroine had. I wanted to shake him when Calder uttered the words
"That's over now"
 because to me that was just WRONG and misleading and led Felicity to think things that only caused her more pain. Then Felicity drove me bonkers when she let him touch her right away after so long apart. But then Calder goes and starts doing SWEET and SEXY things 
I found myself falling for him too.
 I felt like I'm betraying myself because he had me so mad to begin with. But I started thinking..This author team is really magic at taking our emotions for a big roller coaster ride..the ups and downs are swift and thrilling. But most of all they always have a SOFT LANDING.
One plus side is I absolutely loved MARK and want his story. Any guy who would stand up for his friend like that..well he's a real MAN for sure.
I might have started frowning and mad..but I did end up Swooning & Satisfied. Wonderful Epilogue!!
 4 Stars..can't wait for more.

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 Mr and Mrs (An Alexa Riley Promise #1) by Alexa Riley


Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.
They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!
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