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Blog Tour: Dawn (Hero Society #1) by Jessica Florence @florence_Jess


Dawn (Hero Society #1)

A superhero romance series

Dawn has come, a time for heroes to rise.
Draco has lived long and felt the pain of loss more than anyone in one lifetime could imagine. Immortality was given to him as a gift, a gift that failed him and turned him into a shell of the man that has nothing left but to wait out the end of existence alone.

Until her.

Rose is an empath who sees more than who Draco is supposed to be: she sees him, and what they could be.Together, they will begin the search for others with extraordinary powers, to stop a war that’s been brewing for over a millennia.The journey is only beginning, and an unnamed enemy has started to make his mark on their world.The dawn of heroes has finally arrived.
Only time will tell if it’s too late to defeat the upcoming darkness of night that now descends upon all of mankind.

Something Just Like This- The Chainsmokers Ft. Coldplay

Wings- Birdy

Never Let Me Go- Florence and the Machine

Madness- Ruelle

Feel It Still- The Portugal Man

Walk Through The Fire- Zayde Wolf Ft. Ruelle

Killing Strangers- Marilyn Manson ft. Tyler Bates

Believer- Imagine Dragons

 I Started A Joke-  Confidential MX ft. Becky Hanson

The Misty Mountains Cold- The Hobbit

The Hanging Tree- Mocking Jay Soundtrack

Everybody Wants To Rule The World- Lorde

Live Like Legends- Ruelle

Heroes- Zayde Wolf

Curiosity. Annoyance.

And curiosity again.

I woke up thinking of those strange feelings that were stirring inside my brain and feeling like I’d been invaded. I wasn’t curious about anything; I was trying to sleep.Then I realized those feelings weren’t my own. My eyes flew open, and I looked back toward the now-opened door of the coop. 
A man was crouched down, staring at me.

“Good morning,” he said dryly. 

Obviously he was not very happy to have found someone sleeping with his chickens, but he wasn’t angry about it. 

“Sorry, I got lost in the woods, and decided this was the safer bet to crash in during the storm.” 

The words just flew out of my mouth in defense.

He tilted his head to the side in amusement. I wasn’t finding this whole situation very funny. My neck was starting to ache from the weird position I’d slept in, and I really wanted to get out and stretch my legs.  But he was still there in the doorway, watching me.Curious.

Right. Well, I was over his curiosity. Time to get out of here.

“Excuse me.”
 I crawled out of the coop, scooching past him. He didn’t grab me, and I hadn’t felt anything malevolent from him, even when my foot lightly bumped into his as I passed.

My muscles weren’t very happy with me as I stood up and stretched. I moaned at the soreness then realized I was in the presence of a stranger. 

When I heard that Jessica was writing a super hero series I will not lie, I kinda screamed a bit. I am the mom who is first in line to start hopping up in down when a new movie hits the big screen where hot guys find bad guys. Yea my kids do not have to beg this mom to to take them to see anything action (hot guy) packed.
This story starts off with a bit of sadness . Draco has lived so many years and lost so much. He closed his heart off to the idea of every getting close to someone again. Then comes Rose who is someone he couldn't ignore and his heart wouldn't let him. 

These two were a mixture of funny and feisty, broken and strong and loyal to a fault. Once they gave their heart away it was forever. No matter if it's friendship or love they are two people who will stand beside you to the end. So much excitement, suspense and passion are found in this crazy ride of a story. 

Many characters are introduced and amps of the imagination of what's to come. I definitely recommend this read to those that love action, intrigue and pulse pounding danger, while falling in love with a unique couple . I can't wait to see where this series takes us.



Jessica Florence

Writer of Alpha Males & Fairy Tales
Author <3 PotterHead <3 Movie Geek Extraordinaire.
When she's not writing her next invigorating story.
You can find her running her own business,
and spending time with her husband and daughter in southwest Florida.
Jessica loves to interact with her readers.
Fun Knowledge About Me.
I love mythology!
I am a natural survivalist.
I am a outdoorsy girl, love to hangout out on my boat,
fish, camp, kayak, geocache (look it up)

I am a big movie, music, and book nerd

LOVEEEEE Harry Potter.


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