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Blog Tour: Sir The Awakening by D. L. Hess (Promo with Excerpt)

Today we have the blog tour for Sir: The Awakening by D.L. Hess! Check out the tour and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Sir: The Awakening
Author: D.L. Hess
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Sir: The Awakening:

Nate Stone is the kind of man that makes a girl fall–fast and hard. I can’t let that happen if I want to protect my heart. But if I take what he’s offering, will it be enough?   Hollywood heartthrob Nate Stone returns to his south Louisiana hometown to direct a movie, but once he gets there all he can think about is the pretty waitress at the local diner. Tori Wilson knows that the smoking hot actor-turned-director will stop at nothing to get her into his bed, but he can only offer her a short affair–and he’s asking for a lot more than simple sex. Tori has never wanted anyone as bad she wants Nate, but is she willing to let him take control when she’s already been burned before? And if she submits to his commands, will he dominate her heart?

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Sir – Book 1


“Why me?” the question slips from my lips before it even formed in my brain.
Thank god for the darkness because I can tell my face is flushing bright red. I can’t believe I said that. I didn’t even realize I was thinking it.
“Never mind, ignore that question. I can’t believe I said that,” I stumble out.
Way to impress the guy, Tori.
God, I can be so dumb.
“Seriously, forget it,” I choke out.
At this point, I’m wondering if I can run away and hide forever. Like, how much money is in my account and what country will let me stay there until eternity?
Oh, and, obviously, he’ll never want to see me again, because, hello, pathetic, party of one.
His hand cups my wrist, and, before I realize what’s happening, he raises my hand to his lips. I watch as he kisses the thin skin above my palm, tongue darting out to taste the my fluttering pulse.
My thoughts skid to a halt.
His eyes are hot and heavy as he stares back at me, his warm breath dancing over that damp spot, sending shivers of arousal straight to my core.
“What if I don’t want to forget it?” he asks, tongue dipping out between his plush lips to brush against my pulse again. His words are a gentle vibration against my skin as he says, “What if I told you that you occupy my every waking thought? That I dream about you at night? And that you feature in my darkest, dirtiest dreams? What then?”
Oh, god.
My mouth goes dry and my brain shorts out and it’s only after a heartbeat or two or five that I’m able to get my mouth to respond.
“I do?”
His warm breath follows his soft lips along the inside seam of my arm. My shiver goes straight to my pussy and there’s a clench and god, I’m getting wet.
“You distract me in a way no one’s ever done before,” he rumbles, and my nipples tighten.
“Why?” I ask again, too caught in his lips and gaze and heat to process what I’m saying. He’s enrapturing in a way I never even knew a person could be. He’s everything I could want but never dreamt I could have.
And he says he wants me too.
His eyebrow quirks up and he gives me a dirty grin. “You mean reasons besides your delectable body? A body that I could spend years worshipping and still wish for more time?”


About D.L. Hess:

D.L. Hess read her first romance novel when she was ten years old. It was Judith McNaught’s Once and Always, and she spent that entire Saturday night hiding in the closet and reading until she was done. . . only to start again from the beginning. That book left an imprint, an imprint she hopes to leave with you.   D.L. Hess grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and now goes between her hometown and Los Angeles, where she works as a screenwriter. Her partner-in-crime is a nine-pound Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix named Busby Berkeley who travels with her everywhere in a carrier that looks like a purse. D.L. Hess is an avid fan of Cajun cooking, traveling, and discovering new experiences. Her travel bucket list includes cruising all the major rivers in the world. So far, she has only hit two of them.

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