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Blog Tour : Infinite (Carolina Beach#3) by Cecy Robson @CecyRobson


by Cecy Robson A Carolina Beach Novel, #3
  Publication Date: August 15, 2018
  Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Standalone



Hale Wilder, aka the Anaconda of Wall Street, spent his childhood fighting to be the best to win his father’s love. He was the best student and the best athlete, who grew into a successful businessman and took the finance world by storm. Want to retire before you’re forty-five? He’s got you. Need your millions to be billions? He’s your man.
Young, rich, and powerful, Hale was unstoppable, until a company scandal destroys his reputation and threatens to bring down everything he’s bled for.
Becca Shields is the kickass public relations goddess spinning scandals to gold and launching has-beens into superstardom. She never expected to see Hale again—not following the humiliating night when her family caught them on the beach, barely clothed.
When Becca discovers Hale is in trouble, she can’t turn her back on the boy who was once her world and the man she never forgot.
Hale never thought he’d have another shot at greatness or with Becca. Now that he has both, he won’t let either go without a fight.
*NOTE* Although a part of a series, 
INFINITE can be read as a complete STANDALONE and features a new couple!

I've loved this series from the start. Cecy just takes me and wraps me in friendship and the family we choose not the blood we're born into.
From Inseverable (Callahan and Trinity) to Eternal (Luci and Landon) I quickly formed attachments to each character in this series. Becca and Hale were characters that I wanted to shake and push together from the start. You know their past has some kind of defining point that pushed them into life choices worlds away from each other. The why and the how is finally brought to focus in Infinite.
Love for me is something you've gotta nurture and feed. These two pushed a childhood /young adult love to the back burner after one night that changed everyone's lives. They both tried moving on and it just did not work. 
Becca loved a false picture of settling down and Hale became this force of nature on Wallstreet. 
Then when betrayal comes knocking Becca answers with fists raised ready to battle for Hale. 
I will say there's drama coming from every direction, secrets brought to light and I simply had moments where I didn't know if this couple would make it through. But I had faith because this author just pushes you high, breaks you hard and heals you with the sweetest landing.

 Passion was strong, love was enough and I just feel like these two deserved to finally find peace in each other. 

 I loved the addition of their doggie babies. 
Oh where will you go next Cecy? Is it over or more to come for this group of friends? 
I mean even silly and funny Sean needs his HEA and I really need more of a story for sexy strong Mason. I loved his heroine here but give me their full story please or even a novella !

4 soul healing stars ✨ 



INSEVERABLE (A Carolina Beach Novel, #1)

Oh my GOODNESS this book just blew me away. If I laugh, cry, swoon or get every sort of tingle while reading.. Its a magical feeling. This author is totally amazing 
(#SafeRead approved) and the newest book is by far my favorite of hers ever. 
 This hero Callahan is so perfect even in all of his brokenness. His past will break your heart and you'll want to knock down those walls but guess what?
Trinity is the perfect balance to his darkness. 

She's his light in every way from the first joke she cracks to the day she finally opens his heart. This guy never stood a chance against the sunshine that she exudes. I laughed so hard that I thought I'd drop my kindle a time or five.
 I didn't know one minute to the next what would come out of her mouth. Dialogue is the best thing in romance. It set's the tone and it makes you believe in what the characters actions show. 
If their words don't make you feel then their actions will leave you cold. This author blew everything out of the water with the hilarious banter between not only Trinity and Callahan but with every character. Just when you think it can't get any better she opens up the most emotional scenes I've ever read.
 Oh and the PASSION.
 Callahan will take you through hell and Trinity will show you how love can lead them to Heaven. But Callahan in the end was the absolute final touch..a PERFECT hero in so many ways. 

The whole crew were amazing. Every single character shined.
 I can't say loud enough to READ READ READ. Please just dive in. Seriously it's that amazing . Oh and ‪#‎BestEpilogueEver‬

#SafeRead #PerfectHero 
#AutoReadAuthor #OneClickNow


ETERNAL (A Carolina Beach Novel, #2)

Life's been crazy this week. I had to push this book back because I knew when I start a Cecy Robson book I don't put it down. She sucks me in from the first page till the last. Oh my goodness Landon is everything you'd ever want in a hero. He's just broken enough with past betrayal that he's holding back mentally but physically and emotionally he grabbed hold of Luci from that first night. While he fought with his mind, his heart knew better. I connected with Luci a lot. My childhood was hard. I really felt so much for her situation. Landon didn't want to accept that what he felt for her in one weekend was more than he felt in years with his ex. It took time but his heart was truly melting and his mind caught up with his heart just in time.

I'd have never been able to finish this if he'd have pushed her away but while his mind was being unfair and stupid, his body, soul and heart never let Luci far from reach. He truly let out all of what he felt right when it counted the most.

What I loved was how these two really took a passionate start and began a beautiful friendship that blossoms into a soul deep love.

Cecy has a way with passion and sexual tension that ramps up your reading experience to a whole different level.

I loved every sexy second. I adored every laugh out moment. There's something I love about.. Laughing out loud when I am quietly reading a book and something funny just jumps right out and tickles me.
So many emotional moments made this a beautiful read. If I had to pick one downside it's that Cecy added some not so subtle political stabs that could have been left out. I get enough of that on the news and I read for pleasure, escape and the romance. But like the truly talented author that she is, even the bad adds to the beauty of the whole story. I'll never forget how I felt when Landon really accepted how he truly felt. I'll also never forget how much I cried when people stepped up to support Luci in her time of need. I really only wish I could gave seen a little rather into the future with some added little people. But I'm sure more is to come in Becca and Hale's story. I just really and scared that while they have been in love for years that they'll have been with other people and that's somehow something my heart can't take. Make it equal Cecy or make it none.. Or just don't bring it up.. I just want them to prove they really were faithful to their love.

Thank you for another wonderful story. Can't wait for more.

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Cecy Robson is an author of contemporary and new adult romance, young adult adventure, and award-winning urban fantasy. A double-nominated RITA® Finalist, Winner of the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and published author of more than twenty titles, you can typically find Cecy on her laptop or stumbling blindly in search of caffeine.


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  1. I love your review of Infinite (and Eternal, too). Thank you for making the graphics and making these features special with your own sweet touches. Many thanks also for joining the tours. I hope you continue to enjoy my work.


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