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Release Blitz Absolution Disenchanted Series #3 L.D.Davis

My life didn't take the path I'd intended years ago, but I had much to be thankful for. My family, me new friends and my improving health, just to name a few. I thought for I also had Marco to be thankful for, despite our differences, but after a trip to Italy, his relationship with his past made my hope for our future slip through my fingers.

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Since reading Disenchanted, I became addicted to the drama surrounding Marco and Lydia's lives. So much passion, heartache, and regret consumed these characters in the first two installments, I was eagerly awaiting its conclusion and incredibly anxious for this finale. Absolution did not disappoint and, in my opinion, the best read of the series. An erotic romance filled with extreme relationship angst L.D. Davis set me on a volatile roller-coaster ride, which had me on edge, as she both shattered and mended my heart. A testament to this author's talents, my emotions were twisted into knots, and I loved every nail-biting and soul-crushing moment.

In the previous installments, I've had my fair share of issues with Lydia, as I was both fascinated and extremely frustrated with her character. I understood she was consumed with guilt and regrets from the past, namely the unresolved problems with her sister and late husband. Her struggle to overcome those demons while falling for Marco pulled at my heartstrings as it undoubtedly affected their relationship. But it was difficult to sympathize with Lydia during the times she became too contentious and acted immaturely.

However, the Lydia that appeared within this read was the heroine I wished for, and I fell in love with her. She evolved from a woman who repeatedly tried my patience to someone I truly admired. Despite her tragic circumstances, Lydia found the courage and inner strength to trust and fully open her heart to Marco. Falling in love with this sexy Italian was not without its challenges as some members of his family added to their mounting troubles. Their journey, although beautiful, was also heartbreaking, aggravating and incredibly messy at times. The more complications they faced, the more twisted my emotions became, and I savored every tension-filled second.

A swoon-worthy and passionate hero with a heart of gold, I adored Marco. A man so full of love and hope, he was determined to pull Lydia away from her dark and joyless life, despite her ornery and stubborn attitude. Overly caring, I admired how he tended to his family's needs, especially his nieces, nephews, and Lydia's children. There was an intensity, a fierceness to his character that overwhelmed me - particularly the way he deeply loved his "Tesoro" - Lydia, his precious treasure. However, there were times his actions and bad choices wreaked havoc on my nerves. There was so much angst in this story-line, mostly when it came to dealing with his vile sister-in-law Celia clashing with Lydia that drove me completely insane, and I was beyond enraged. Regardless, Marco was amazingly gentle and loving, as he helped to heal Lydia's fragile heart and earn her trust.    

To fully appreciate the true beauty of Marco and Lydia's tumultuous love story, you'll need to read this series in its entirety, as this is not a standalone novel. If you are looking for an emotional romance brimming with a fiery passion and angst, with a couple who strives for their well-deserved happily ever after, I highly recommend this series. Exquisitely written and with all the feels, L.D. Davis delivered a remarkable and unforgettable saga of destined love. 

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L.D. Davis was born and raised on the east coast in the United States. She five children, a husband and two cats. She often daydreams of running away (alone of course) to a tropical island where she would do nothing but write, read and consume fruity drinks with umbrella toothpicks.

L.D. has an Audible addiction and one-clicks more books than she can read. She has a deep affection for wine and other tasty alcoholic beverages. Downtown Abbey, and a secret obsession for all things Star Trek.
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