Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Breach (Breach #1) by K.I. Lynn


What a roller coaster ride you take when reading BREACH. This book had it all for me:

Off the charts sex scenes - 5+++++
Lovable,sexy alpha - 5 (WITH AN INCREDIBLY DIRTY MOUTH)!!
Dysfunctional female lead - 5
Angst -5

Nathan and Lila are two very damaged souls who begin this secretive, dysfunctional, highly intense sexual relationship. For reasons you discover late in the story, Nathan battles his feelings for Lila. He is constantly drawn to her sexually, but refuses to come to terms emotionally. Excruciatingly painful events from his past, which left emotional as well as physical scars, are the reasons Nathan warns Lila to stay away. Regardless of his efforts to remain detached, he is drawn to her like a magnet.


"I hate the way I need you all the fucking time. I don't want that. I can't want that. I can't want you...but I do, so fucking much". 


Lila is a woman who suffered physical/emotional childhood abuses and neglect. She is a woman with such little to no self esteem, but her character does have strength. Her story pulls on your heart strings and causes you to lament for her hardships. She manages to conquer her emotional fears and falls for Nathan.


"I'm nothing special. Plain, boring, pitiful, ugly Lila. Worthless". 

When these two come together........the sex scenes are unbelievable!!! SCORCHING! 

Be warned and be prepared....these two do not have a HEA in this cliffy book. Break out the Kleenex for this tale - you will need them!!
You want to rip your heart out and bleed when reading this book. Your emotions will come pouring out and you will suffer from a "book hangover" I can not wait for the sequel!!!!!

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