Saturday, November 30, 2013

Spotlight Post and Guest Review: What Wendy Wants by Nikki Sex

Sizzling Pages is proud to share our very first Guest Review. Our very own Carmen has given us an amazing gift today. Carmen's awesome husband Matt is sharing with you his review of a book that might just be a little something to share with your own husbands or lovers. Enjoy!
 Title : What Wendy Wants
Author: Nikki Sex
Genre: Erotic Romance
Published June 2013
After thirteen years of marriage and three children, Wendy Hayward is bored with sex.

As much as she loves her husband, Frank, Wendy married "Mr. Vanilla." Now she reads nothing but erotic romance on her Kindle and fantasizes about having sex with fictional characters, complete strangers, and tattooed rock stars.

Sometimes even the T.V. weatherman looks good.

One fateful day however, her husband grabs the wrong Kindle on the way to work, and discovers some of Wendy's more "interesting' fantasies.

Unbeknownst to Wendy, Frank is very keen to fulfil every one of her secret desires. . 

First of all I have to say my husband is in no way a reader, in fact if it isn't a catalog chances are he wont be perusing it any time soon. However after I finished reading this book I had to go running and dive on his lap squealing "Honey you have to read this it is so us" and as the girls know I tend to be indulged in whatever wild, hair brained idea comes to my mind so he promptly sat and read the book. After he finished I sat him at his computer and said now write a review for it. He thought he was doing this for shits and giggles so he happily sat and searched for pictures and lines he liked until I told him I planned to publish it at which point he spent the next 3 hours freaking out and making it perfect. So here it is. I hope you all enjoy a male, non readers opinion as a nice change of pace and feel free to drop him some comments of encouragement.

This Book was almost as if i was reading my personal diary from the month that was ...... Every page I found myself nodding and agreeing and if i wasn't doing that I felt my eyes go a little wider and my right hand rubbing the inside of my thigh of it's own accord and yeah there was a little stroking of the shaft going on...

I found myself putting myself in Franks shoes, finding the kindle, cracking the code, reading my partners thoughts and what would I do ............... After jumping up and down and air punching the sky thanking the lord for giving me an awesome wife and mother to my children, wrapped up in an amazing pair of hips and a great set of breasts that wants to experiment with toys and sensations, I to would do my husband duties and make her fantasy into a reality. And if that meant she wanted to be dominated,spanked and have an array of sex toys used on her, while making her have multiple orgasms .....................................

............ Well damn it, I'm gonna do it ..... Or die with the biggest fucking smile on my face trying.

Highlight of this book for me was .... the countdown from the Wednesday to the big night when Frank was going to use everything he has researched to make it rain orgasms, and not just with his hands and tongue like us mere males, but just using words or a sharp look, he had Wendy dripping wet and panting for more of everything she had before.

The last section of the book I found myself almost chanting Frank's name out loud with him going all caveman whisking Wendy over his broad shoulders, walking over to the bed, getting himself comfortable and placing Wendy over his knee exposing her tight, bare, trembling with fear and excitement, arse to take her punishment spanks

If your hunting a book that can, depending on your gender, get you hard in the jeans, or require a slippery when wet sign attached to the front of your panties these 78 pages will be sure to achieve your objective, and I challenge the readers to not find there right hand amusing itself on yourself while you are reading this short story. And to all the men that elect to give this fantastic short book a read there is a line Frank uses that I for one will officially take on as one of my own chest thumping bedroom one liners.

Thank you Carmen and Matthew for sharing this awesome Review!!


  1. Amazing Matthew!
    I have read this book, but to hear a man's POV on it...awesome! I loved the book and I love your thoughts. If only more men were like you and were willing to read a book, an erotica book at that, at their wife's advice. Bravo to Carmen too! You're one lucky woman ;-)

    1. Thanks heaps Theresa. Every day my husband reminds me in a million small ways how lucky and spoilt I truly am but when he did this I was blown away.

      Matt is not a reader at all but if he was going to read anything it would be an erotica novel as he is forever grateful for how much they have expanded both our horizons.


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