Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SERIES SPOTLIGHT: The Invitation {1 - 3} by Roxy Sloane

Overall - a seriously hot, 5 star series 

"It’s my last night in town, and I’m not flying home until this girl is 
flat on her back  with her ankles up around her shoulders 
and I'm so deep inside her she'll never want another man again." 
Hot, English businessman Ashton Pierce made a pact not to screw up his friendship with Justine ‘JJ’ Jenkins over a cheap one-night stand. Now, two years later, he’s going out of his mind with wanting her -- but she’s still off-limits. Now school is over, and his control is wearing thin. They've got one 
last night together, and he’s determined to make it an experience she’ll 
never forget.The one girl he swore off is going to have the night of her life. 
And with a sexy game of dare on the table, it won’t take long...

“You’re mine,” I growl, possession crashing through me. 
“Never forget it, JJ. You’ve always been mine.” 
― Roxy Sloane, The Invitation: Prequel

Welcome to your wildest fantasy...

The invitation arrives out of nowhere. 
No name. No address. Just one simple challenge.
'Play with me.' 

The games are intoxicating, each one more thrilling than the last. 
And pleasure is the ultimate prize.
He knows my secrets. He sees my darkest desires. 
He can drive me to ecstasy -- and I don't even know his name. This is your invitation. Now it's your turn to decide.

“I won’t stop, not for anything. Not even when you can’t take it anymore. Because that’s when you’ll feel me more than ever.”
― Roxy Sloane, The Invitation: Surrender

The invitation unlocked a world of pleasure -- 
but the game is only just beginning… 

He promised me an adventure. I had no idea what lay in store.
 Now, I know his name, and everything has changed.
I want to trust him, but his secrets could ruin us both. 
I need to know what he’s hiding – before it’s too late.
I’ve already risked everything for his love. Now, I’m playing to win.
Are you ready?

“I had to do things to you, everything you ever wanted. Everything you 
told me you fantasized about. I wanted to make it all happen,” he says. 
“Dammit, JJ, you’re everything. 
Don’t you see? I wanted to give you everything.”
― Roxy Sloane, The Invitation: Release

Once again Roxy Sloane wins my vote for writing
 the hottest, dirtiest sex and great story! 
This series is all about passion. 
It's sensual and exciting - I loved it.

 I also love that once again there's two strong characters 
with  great banter between them. 
With Roxy's reads, whether it's rough, hard, gentle or wild 
you're assured masses of passion, love, dirty talk
and great sex from her characters with no boundaries.
Nothing winds me up more than a woman that's fainting, 
wobbling and 'oh my'-ing at the sight of a big one!! 

Three, steaming hot, sexy reads - all the perfect length, 
written beautifully and paced perfectly. 
Roxy's a fantastic writer.

I will admit that in book 3 I found that there were way 
too many sex scenes for me - about 60% or more of the book - 
I'd rather have had a bit more story!
(Yipps! Did I just say that?!!)

Not saying that they weren't amazing and breathtaking 
scenes... but there was just so many of them!! 
Seriously, I needed something to cool me down.

But that's just personal preference! 
Perhaps you'll find... the more the merrier?!! 
In which case you'd best get in supplies ; )

I really hope you enjoy this brilliant series 

Click The Invitation covers below, then curl up and enjoy xxx 



Thanks Roxy

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