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Our Favorite Sizzling Christmas Reads with love from Nichole, Ang, Steph & Cariad and Spectacular Signed Paperback Christmas Giveaways!!

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Wow another year has gone by and Christmas is upon us. At times like this I want romances with messages of LOVE, FAMILY and LOYALTY.. Who am I kidding? I want that all the time but most of all right now I want to say Merry Christmas to you and I hope you find Sizzling Love always!! My reads are from Paranormal Alpha Males to Fireman ..and anything in between. 
#1 Requirement. 
Love and Loyalty with a message of Hope! 
God Bless.

This was a sexy sweet and really funny refreshing holiday read. Kyle was so funny and stood no chance with the single mom Crystal and the sweet Gi-Gi. This had everything I loved. Comedy,  mystery and of course romance with steam. Perfect Christmas paranormal romance indeed.
This anthology below is only 99 pennies as of 12/12

Ok so blown away right now. I haven't read a book that left such amazing joy in my heart like this in so long. Such feel good messages all the way throughout this heartwarming holiday read. I laughed, cried and swooned. Then just enough steam to have me warm all over. 

Dean Mulligan had a hard beginning to his life that left him a little bitter on the inside. His past broke my heart so bad. But Lizzie was someone that started knocking down his walls and that scared him just a tad. She had her own battles that she fought hard to get past. Trying to push her away didn't work out like he thought. Lizzie was so full of life and love she wasn't gonna give up on Mulligan and then one moment changed everything. One fire for a fireman can be the fire that can change his life. Some adorable antics from "ghosts of past and the present" made this one extraordinary emotional read. A sweet holiday story that would warm the hardest of hearts will be found in this amazing novella. I honestly was left with so much hope and happiness in my heart I want to beg everybody to give it a try. I know I'm about to read every book in this series and I want the first book in the next series like NOW after all the hero is named Caleb HART .. :)

 12 Days of Christmas: Naughty or Nice?
by Eva Simone

This review is only for

Eva Simone's A Christmas to Remember

I was quickly swept away in this sweet and sexy fantasy romance. The whole time my pulse was either racing from the heat between the two characters or because the mystery was so thick and exciting. I wanted something good to happen after so much pain in Paige's past. Truly this was a love story that makes you want to believe that when love is true's forever no matter where you are. A sweet holiday romance for anyone. All you have to do is believe.

My holiday reads were sugary sweet, heartwarming romances sprinkled with a bit of humor. Hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Its a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol by Emma Chase

5 Stars

Emma Chase does it again with yet another fantastically funny tale in the Tangled Series starring one of my favorite characters... Drew Evans. 

I will never get enough of Drew’s sarcasm, quick wit and devilishly sexy ways. I love being inside his head and seeing the world from his point of view.  This time, poor Drew is having a nightmarish Christmas Eve. From being stuck on line last minute Christmas shopping for Kate’s gift, to focusing on business rather than family during the holiday, Drew has lost sight of what truly is important in life. As usual, trouble surrounds him at every turn. But tonight’s Christmas Eve, and Drew has help getting his act together as he is led on an amusing journey reminiscent of the stories “Scrooged” and “It’s a Wonderful life”. 

The story fast-forwards five years into their marriage and son James is older and more adorable. Drew is as cynical and sexy as ever.  What I love most about Drew is how he manages to overcome great obstacles to right his wrongs. Yes, he messes up BIG TIME, almost ruining Christmas for his family. But when paid visits by three ‘ghosts’, Drew manages to get his shit together, learns his lesson and saves the holiday. 

My arms wrap around her, holding her against me, her head resting against my chest. And in the light of the Christmas tree, we sway in time to the music. 
Was it all just a dream? 
Honestly? I don’t fucking know. But I’m grateful it happened. Because even someone as brilliant as me needs a refresher once in a while about what’s really important. The moments that matter. And the people we can’t and don’t want to imagine living without. As I dance with the love of my life on Christmas Eve, I swear I hear the soft ring of a bell. And if you believe what that legend says, then somewhere, an angel has gotten her wings.”

Through Emma Chase’s talents, these age-old stories were twisted, refreshed and retold in a way that was funny as well as heart-warming. I love her brilliant writing style that combines romance, comedy and love. “It's a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol” is a great little novella, perfect for the holiday season.

Saving Grace by Kristen Proby

4 Stars 
Saving Grace is part of the Love Under The Big Sky Series, which I must confess, I have not read yet. However, I fully enjoyed Grace and Bax’s fun little romance all the same.

Grace is anything but graceful. Living in Montana, she never learned how to ski and her crazy cast of girlfriends set about righting that wrong. So off to the mountains, to a cozy yet fancy ski lodge and a sexy instructor to show Grace the ropes. What Grace finds is a hunk of a man who is much more than what he appears to be, with a British accent to boot, and holds more than the promise of a ski lesson. In Bax, Grace finds more than what she bargained for…love and romance. 

Saving Grace was a fasted paced but cute ‘love at first sight’ romance. Their story has me know wanting to dive into this series.

Under the Mistletoe with Me 
(With Me in Seattle #1.5)


I love the With Me in Seattle Series and so happy Isaac and Stacy have their own story. Under the Mistletoe with Me is a sweet Christmas novella, which gives us a glimpse into this married couple’s life.

Things have gotten a somewhat routine, with little alone time between family pressure, work and children. This leaves Stacy believing Isaac is straying away. Leave it to the sexy and seductive “Eyes” to add spice into their relationship by making time to reconnect both physically and emotionally with his loving wife. Even though life has changed for them both, Isaac remains truly head over heals in love with Stace.

"Look at me." His hard voice surprises me. "I don't see the changes, Stace. I see my wife...I've been hot for you since the first moment I saw you in that bar in college."

Overall, this was a fun and sweet love story. It’s refreshing seeing into the romance of an already married couple. And these two certainly know how to create sizzling holiday heat.  If you are a fan of the series, this novella is a must read.

Kissing Under The Mistletoe 
(The Sullivans #10)
By Bella Andre

4 Stars

This Christmas read pulled hard on my heartstrings. When first introduced to Mary and the Sullivan Family, Jack’s character was always in the background – the perfect, loving father and husband whose sudden passing left great emptiness in all their lives.  So happy to see how their love blossomed from a chance encounter to a heart stopping, world-wind romance. It was a bittersweet flashback story. Jack Sullivan quickly became my favorite character in this series.

Mary, a world-renowned model encounters a handsome stranger, Jack, on her last photo shoot. Jack, a struggling inventor becomes fascinated with beautiful Mary. What he comes to learn is that Mary’s beauty lies within her heart and soul. Jack is determined to make Mary a permanent part of his life. Their love, which transcends time, all began with a passionate kiss, underneath the mistletoe.

If you are a fan of this series, Kissing Under The Mistletoe is a must read. A sugary sweet romantic story which will leaving you swooning.

Steph's reads were feel good and hope inspiring. A second chance  romance that warmed the heart and a story of a single mother that didn't think she'd ever find love again.

All I Want for Christmas (Christmas in New York, #2)
 After a night out enjoying the tree lighting ceremony in NYC - Cassandra and her girlfriend decide to stop in a bar for a drink.  Never, ever did she imagine when she walked into the bar that she would be ordering a drink from the man who broke her heart over seven years ago.
Sean was just as shocked to see Cassie in his bar.  After their breakup, he never thought he'd run in to her again - it is a big city after all.  But seeing her again, stirs everything up, and he needs to talk to her, he wants to make things right, he wants to try again - he just has to finally really explain his reasons for breaking things off all those years ago.

Cassie is not sure about what she is feeling when she sees Sean again.  There's so much racing through her head - lots of good memories, and then the hurt and pain he caused her when he suddenly broke her heart and ended their relationship.  She's torn between listening to her head or her heart.
If you love a sexy, sweet talking Irish man, then you are going to love Sean.  I really could not get enough of him.  I really rooted for him the whole time he was trying to convince Cassie to give him another shot.  Cassie did not make it easy for him, he totally had "to work for it".  I totally saw where Cassie was coming from though, and understood her hesitation and fear.  I just wanted for her to give Sean a break so bad.  Luckily for me - it's Christmas.

This Christmas
Finding love for the first time, and then having your heart broken at such a young age, is difficult for anyone.  But add being pregnant on to that, Sabrina was left to handle things the best way she saw fit.  And that was by not telling Jake he was a father.
Unexpectedly though, ten years later, Jake shows up in her life again - and now Sabrina has some explaining to do.  Not only to Jake, but to her daughter, who wasn't aware of who her father was.
This was a sweet, second chance love story between two people, who find the feelings they once had all those years ago, are still there and can't be denied.  But, forgiveness must come first.  It's also the story of a father and daughter meeting and getting to know each other, and love each other so easily.  How Jake interacts with Charlie will totally melt you heart.

Sometimes Christmas wishes do come true!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I've gone for a mushy romantic story, a hot 'stranded at Christmas' fav

and a kinda kinky Christmas read this year! 

Hope you enjoy them too : )

All I Want For Christmas Is You 
by Jessica Scott

4 Stars

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 “Pretending that everything will get better if you just try harder isn't the answer, Sammy. Believe me, I tried it. Sometimes, the hardest thing in the world to do is admit that your stuff is too much for you to deal with on your own.”
I must be going soft! I loved this novella, it’s mushy and romantic but has depth. The underlying story of an army couple fighting to save their relationship whilst both suffering from the trauma’s of war was well written and packed a punch.  
An hour well spent for me.

Let It Snow
by Kate J. Cameron
4 Stars

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‘To a new year. And if you will agree, to a new beginning for both of us. What do you say, Ms Ryan?’

I was in 'snowy' 'cabin' 'stranded' heaven with this one! Honestly, those are like magic words for me!! I've never not loved a book about a couple surviving! 
It's a lovely Christmasy story - hot Alpha action only let down it being stranger sex without condoms (and not even a conversation!) I don;t know that always reminds me of the bodice ripper type reads where they weren't mentioned as it would 'spoil a hot scene!'
Had it not been for that, 
this would have been a 5 for me!

The Christmas Escort 
by Ashley Monahan
4.5 Stars

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“Things will get better.”  John cradled her neck and kissed her forehead.  
“You were right by the way.”  “Right about what?” 
“You said I’d be in love with you by the end of the week.”  
Etta had laid everything else out on the table, 
why not make more a fool of herself.

Etta was perfect!
I really felt this one! At 94% I was in tears!!
It's got this underlying story of a woman who's been treated like dirt for years by her family and when it all blows up - WOW!!
Loved the characters, loved the story...


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