Thursday, February 1, 2018

Release Blitz : Day (Hero Society#2) by Jessica Florence

Day ( Hero Society #2)
A superhero romance series

Day has arrived
A time for heroes to step into the light.
Leon has never looked upon his gift as anything but a curse. With his unbelievable strength and speed, all he has ever done is hurt those around him.

Both, Hero Society and The Raven want him on their team, but he couldn’t give a damn about either. He aims to live out his life with anger and resentment on the sea.
Then she happened.
Lilith is a force to be reckoned with and after one drunken night, Leon finds himself tangled up with her in the form of marriage.
He has one month to avoid his crazy wife and figure out his plan to escape the fight he’s been unwillingly thrown into.
Will he choose the society or to be taken by the enemy?
The heroes are coming out into the light of day.
Hopefully mankind is ready for them.



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Jessica has given us another action packed story with some really interesting characters. This read had a lot of high energy details. We see Rose and Draco again and they are definitely in the middle of a great HEA. Phillip is still his mysterious nerdy yet hot psychic self.
Lots of other side characters and Leon has finally been drawn out and invited to the Hero Society.
Yet where this story took over my senses was our heroine. Lilith is really the absolute "hero" of this story. 

She overcame years of trauma and lives her life without abandon. Leon swept her off her feet that first night and she saw the other half of her soul in his eyes. Leon wasn't a hero for me till the end of the book sadly. But I stopped reading this as a romance the first time he made me mad. I need my hero to be the pursuer and to deserve the heroine and Leon just pushed away and fought it too much. This part of the story lacked for me. So moving on and being invested in all the suspense and other characters, I started reading it as an action and suspense story. I loved Lilith and how brave she was.

Charles really also showed what resilience is. This is not really a love story but it's a survival story with hope for mankind because these heroes are going to be there to stop wrongs and help those that need it.
3. 5 Action packed stars.

Jessica Florence

Writer of Alpha Males & Fairy Tales
Author <3 PotterHead <3 Movie Geek Extraordinaire.
When she's not writing her next invigorating story.
You can find her running her own business,
and spending time with her husband and daughter in southwest Florida.
Jessica loves to interact with her readers.
Fun Knowledge About Me.
I love mythology!
I am a natural survivalist.
I am a outdoorsy girl, love to hangout out on my boat,
fish, camp, kayak, geocache (look it up)

I am a big movie, music, and book nerd

LOVEEEEE Harry Potter.

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