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Blog Tour: Picture Perfect (Limelight #2) by Elisabeth Grace

Picture Perfect by Elisabeth Grace 
(Limelight #2)
Publication date: March 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Being the daughter of a big-city mayor, twenty-one year old Skye Summers has giant shoes to fill in her first real job out of college. With the public spotlight on her family, and her dad’s expectations running high, she jumps at the chance to work side-by-side on an important project with her sexy new boss.

Playboy entrepreneur Landon Steele has built a successful entertainment PR firm and broken more than a few hearts along the way. He’s counting on his enthusiastic new assistant to help him expand his business into LA… until he discovers she’s a pampered rich girl who’s in the public spotlight as much as his famous clients. Still, he agrees to give her a chance, and soon the two are heating up the bedroom as well as the boardroom.

But when Skye’s ex-boyfriend threatens to reveal a dangerous secret from her past, her job, relationship with Landon, and her father’s career are suddenly all on the line. Will she be forced to leave Landon? Or will she pursue her heart, regardless of the cost?

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After their first brief, scorching meeting in a bar - both are shocked, to say the least to find out that Skye has been hired to be Landon's personal assistant.  Skye doesn't want to do anything to ruin her new job and possibly damage her father's name as he runs for Senate.  She's also trying to prove she's independent and doesn't need her parents money to get by.  Landon is worried about crossing the line as her boss, and as the owner of the Public Relations firm, he has a reputation to uphold - but he can't get the way she felt against him when they kissed at the bar out of his mind.
Wow!  There is definitely a ton of chemistry between Landon and Skye - and the sexual tension as they try not to cross the line between boss and employee becomes a serious challenge that is impossible to overcome.  Taking a business trip together puts them in more situations together and things definitely heat up between the two of them.
 This is definitely a lighter read, with some seriously hot scenes (Landon has figured out the very best way to drink Champagne for sure!) - with a few twists and turns along the way - as they get to know each other, while hiding the fact from everyone that they are together - not to mention other outside forces that seem to make their relationship difficult to work out.  I'm really enjoying reading this series - and definitely look forward to the next book with Katie - because she is going to be something else!

This was another winner by Elisabeth Grace. I thought Mason would be hard to top but Landon had an amazing personality that really spoke to me. I think it was the whole "sexy dominant businessman" persona that he had but I can tell you Landon was Hot! 
It definitely added to the whole package that he was a "dirty talker " too
 From Skye and Landon's first "explosive" encounter at the night club I knew these two wouldn't be able to keep their distance. The sexual tension they shared trying to work so close together was thick and it leapt off the pages. 
But this wasn't just a hot romance. No this was two people falling in love while getting to know each other and it was simply beautiful. I enjoyed how they learned about each other and how sweet Landon was for showing how he paid attention to Skye's little likes and hobbies. There were some swoon worthy moments in this book and I really enjoyed it. I knew the angst was coming but Elisabeth had a way in writing it that I just held on for the ride knowing there wasn't anyway in the world these two wouldn't get their happy ending.

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About the Author

I have a soft spot for romance novels with happily ever afters and a hot spot for alpha males! I currently live outside Toronto, Canada with my hubby and two small children. Life is busy, but never to busy for a good story and to share my love of reading and writing with others.


  1. Thanks so much for reading Picture Perfect ladies! So glad you enjoyed Landon and his dirty mouth! ;)

  2. This sounds like a hot, character driven read that I should really try out! Wonderful review!! :)


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