Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Release Day Blitz: Blurred Lines by Jennifer Brand

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Title: Blurred Lines 
Author: Jennifer K. Brand
Release Date: May 28, 2014
A stand alone novel

The moment I met Davide Valenti, I wanted him.

He was alluring in the kind of way that makes good girls like me want to break all the rules.

So I did. I broke my rules for him, and in turn, he gave me what I craved.

Hearts and Flowers.

Yet I wanted more. I wanted to know him, claim him the same way he had claimed me. But you can't claim that which doesn't exist. A mirage. A man who showed me one face while showing the world another. A complicated man. A dangerous man.

Now I'm caught up in his world. Trapped under all that is dark and dangerous. From hearts and flowers to guns and knives.

I want out. But I fear it's too late.   10418946_1485213005044234_4934778784234532326_n


Jennifer K. Brand writes erotic romances with witty curves and dangerous edges. She loves traveling and therefore her stories are set in exotic locales or have exotic male leads. Her stories are those with an element of intrigue or suspense, but wrapped in hot steamy romance. 
 Her favorite kind of hero is possessive with a dangerous edge, but has a sweet heart beneath it all. Her heroines are strong and witty and can't wait to tame their men. She loves Gin and Tonics, Spain, Monopoly and kittens :) Look out for her new book Blurred Lines, releasing May 28th! 

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