Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cariad's Series Spotlight: His Gift~His Ransom (A Dark Billionaire Romance series 1-6) by Aubrey Dark

“I’m going to take you to the edge of darkness,
my Lacey. My little artist.
You’ll see the colors I can paint with my touch.”

First off, in my honest opinion 
(coming from someone that reads a lot of dark romance!) 
this isn't a dark read at all!

But it is one of those that's two sides of the same coin...
On one side we've got Lacey, the curvy tomboy street artist LACE, who's uncomfortable in anything that isn't street gear! She's struggling to make ends meet and falling for a billionaire was never on the cards for her! 
Besides (like the majority of us) she doesn't believe for a moment that he could possibly love her back anyway. 

And on the other, Jake. 
A lonely billionaire who doesn't believe in love 
because he's lived almost his entire life without it.

Unbeknownst to Lacey, Jake's also KAGE 
a notorious and famously anonymous street artist.

Throughout this serial read I felt a lot of empathy for Lacey, she's somewhat gripped by her jealousy and concern that she's setting herself up for a fall. The social circle that Jake's immersed in are nothing less than the perfect, elegant, wealthy people that you'd expect him to have and he's really no better than that - she sees him as perfect too. 

Being a girl that helps her friend out (not so simple... there's a dress involved! 'Grrr') by delivering a cake from her bakery to his party the last thing she expects is that he will think that she's his 'gift' (read: high class ~BDSM and whatever else one desires~ hooker!) for the week from his good friend! 

And so begins a intriguing, somewhat gripping story that I couldn't put down until all 6 were read! There's a decent back story to the series, secrets are unfolded - it becomes clear that all is not how it seemed - I liked that, because ultimately they were falling for each other!

There's no major cliffy's, it's continues smoothly and gets better each time. 
I admit, I did spend the best part of the series right along with Lacey thinking is this real or is he stringing her along?

If it's too good to be true and all that...

I won't give the story away, it's nicely written, simple, mostly just the two main characters which I think helps it along... 
There's some lovely hot and dirty bits!
(she is of course a virgin for a chapter or two!)

There are moments where my heart broke for Lacey, especially when it felt like the classic 
'being in a room full of people but feeling completely alone' 
It was very real.

Loved that this story does (of course!) have a HEA! 
And it's a beauty! 
It completely settles all of Lacey's concerns...

I'll look forward to more from this author!

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