Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Release - Shattered Lies (The Unraveled Trilogy, Book 3) by Theresa Sederholt

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Date of Publication: April 29, 2015

Lies are shattered, leaving death and destruction in its path. To save a child, they must make a deal with the devil himself. They had a plan: two days—get in, ask the questions, and get out. Seemed simple enough. But you know what they say about best laid plans. Life always seems to get in the way of living. Revenge can be such a bitter pill to swallow, costing others to make the ultimate sacrifice. Jax’s need for control slowly slips through his fingers as Raven’s past attempts to steal their future. Will Maxwell be able to hang on to his happily ever after, or will it be cruelly snatched away, yet again?
 *Shattered Lies is part of a continuous storyline, therefore it cannot be read as a standalone.

First Excerpt
“Raven, I’ve never shared any of this with anyone. I thought by keeping it buried, it would be gone. But things never stay buried, do they? Eventually, everything comes to light.” He mindlessly twirls my hair around his fingers. “I would sit by the window every Saturday, waiting for him to come home. Sometimes, I would set up our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a TV tray, hoping he would come back to watch Doctor Who. He never came back, but I kept setting it up . . . hoping. As I got older, I made sure I worked hard in school and helped my mum with Bella. I always protected my mum and my sister. I never gave into my fear that one day, I would wake up and they would be gone, too. I wanted to make him proud of me, just in case he came back to us. Instead . . . he just moved on to the next family. No matter how hard I tried, it was never good enough. We were never good enough,” he barely whispers, “When is it ever good enough?”

Second Excerpt
Her eyes grow wide.
“Um, will I need a safeword?” My jaw tightens. “What do you know about that? What would make you think you need a safeword with me?” “I might be inexperienced but I have read books, and I’ve seen movies. This is the twenty-first century, Max. I can tell you I don’t understand getting pleasure from pain.” Her innocence is breathtakingly beautiful. “We are lovers and lovers will never need safewords. If we are doing something that you’re not comfortable with all you ever have to say to me is stop. I get no pleasure from giving or receiving pain. What gives me the greatest pleasure is when you let me love you. Everything we experience together gives me the greatest pleasure.” I realize that communication is everything for us. I’m determined to keep her forever and in order to do that, I have to let her in. “I will be more open with you, however, you must do the same. If you need something from me that I’m not giving you, then tell me. I promise to try to not treat you like a porcelain doll.” “Well, in that case, before you get on that plane, I need you—bad. You and me, babe—all night.” As my eyes gaze over her body, her nipples harden and I know this is going to be hard and fast. I lift her with one arm and yank down her yoga pants. “Hold on to the edge of the table and don’t let go.” I drop to my knees taking her pants all the way off. I kiss each foot as I place them on my shoulders. Oh, these legs are my undoing. I kiss them very slowly, working my way up one side and down the other. She’s using her feet to pull me in closer. When I finally reach my prize, I gently kiss her. I glance up and smile; the look on her face priceless. She’s biting her lip trying so hard not to let go of the table while her legs begin to tremble. I push my fingers in deeper while my tongue never loses con- tact. That is until her hips begin to lift up and down. She’s not going to last. I know she’s going to come, so I slow it down almost to a crawl. She whimpers, with such angst. “Max, why the hell are you stopping?” “Anticipation,” is all I say. She takes her hands off the table trying to push me, I stop completely. “Hands on the table or I will stop—now!” She grabs the table moaning, and fuck, it’s hot! Very slowly, I use my fingers and gently, I spread her wetness from front to back and I feel her tense. “I will be gentle, and remember, you can always say stop.” I feel her begin to relax. I work my tongue in and out of her as I push through her barrier with my pinky finger, matching the pace of my tongue. Sensing she’s almost there, I take her clitoris between my teeth and gently tug while flicking my tongue. She tries to move her hips but I’ve got a lock on her legs. Her feet are kicking my shoulders. She is screaming my name over and over again, like the song of an angel.

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Theresa Sederholt was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. She is a graduate of Campbell University in North Carolina, with a degree in Criminal Justice. Theresa now calls North Carolina home, with her husband, a professional chef, and her two dogs.

Experiencing life first hand is what she does best. Believing she can do anything has put her in many crazy situations. Whether it’s babysitting a pig farm or cutting the top off of a mini truck; nothing is ever out of reach. Her list is endless, A to Z.

As a flight attendant (there’s that list again), she would make up stories about all of her passengers as they came and went. It seemed only natural to put pen to paper and see where these characters led her. What started out as a single woman, having a cup of coffee—trying to make it through life—grew into a complex story of romance, mystery, and murder. The Unraveled Trilogy was born.

Theresa’s beliefs are pretty simple. There isn’t a luggage rack on the hearse, and give a girl Nutella and espresso and she can change the world.

Theresa enjoys connecting with her fans. She can always be reached through her website at:

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