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Blog Tour: Rumor Has It by Elisabeth Grace

Rumor Has It
Publication date: December 6th 2013



All publicity is good publicity, right? Unless you’re recent college grad Ellie Wagner and an embarrassing video of you and your boyfriend goes viral. Every man in your life abandons you, but who knew a one-minute clip of your latest doomed relationship would brand you a slut, prevent you from getting your perfect job, and force you to keep doing the one thing you swore you’d never do again…live with your mother.

But staying with mom and her latest boy-toy (is this husband number four or five?) until your life turns around might not be all bad. Especially when you fall – literally – at the feet of a sexy, green-eyed stranger who offers you freedom and a life of luxury on a gold-rimmed platter.

There’s only one little problem – the man of your dreams is none other than Mason Nash, the latest hip-hop star busting up the music charts. Fame and fortune are his calling cards and he’s vying to steal the show on a new reality TV series that will catapult him into mainstream stardom. Hello spotlight.

The man behind the famous persona is perfect for Ellie in every way, but can she overcome the ugly pitfalls that come with Mason’s celebrity status? Or will she be forced to choose between the man she loves and the independent life she longs for? After all, fame and fortune aren’t always what they seem and not all publicity is good publicity…

   I stood in the corner of the pool as Mason crept toward me; going so slow his movements only caused the faintest ripple on top of the water. Those ripples reached me and splashed up over my breasts and I could feel my nipples tighten. Mason noticed, too. His eyes moved from mine down to my chest and I saw his nostrils flare as he took in a breath.    To my dismay when he reached me he didn’t touch me. He lingered close enough that I could feel his body heat, only an inch or two away, and I wanted to launch myself on to him. I was desperate for the feel of his skin against mine.    He reached one hand up to the nape of my neck. I thought he would pull me in to kiss him and my body tensed, ready for it. Instead his other hand came up to my breast and moved the triangle of my bikini top to the side so that my breast was exposed. He’d done it in such a way that he’d barely made contact with my skin. I let out a small moan from the back of my throat out of frustration.    “Quiet. I want to take you in.”    Normally I’d be offended by a guy telling me to be quiet but he did it in such a way that it only made me hotter. He repeated the process with the other breast and I couldn’t help it. I let out a soft moan again.    “You keep making sounds like that and I’ll draw this out even longer. Is that what you want?”    “No. God, no,” I whispered.    He stood admiring my breasts. “Beautiful. God, you are so damn beautiful.”        

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Oh boy Mason Nash, what a guy. I really enjoyed this sexy sweet romance. I laughed out loud at their first meeting and was completely enthralled throughout this story. Ellie has had her share of being ridiculed in the media and want's to just fade out and her little 15 minutes of fame to be forgotten. Then in comes sexy hip hop superstar Mason Nash. All those dreams are tossed when there is no way they can hide living this type of lifestyle. I loved how sweet and romantic Mason was and how he never once tried to hide or act in any way like he wasn't crazy about Elle. They had amazing chemistry and there were some super hot scenes to enjoy. Lot's of drama, intrigue and humor made this a great read. I can't wait for the next one. 

Oh man, I felt so bad for Ellie - seriously, it seems as if "embarrassment" is her middle name lately.  Besides the video that goes viral with her in it, the way she meets Mason for the first time would not be the way most of us want to meet a hot guy!
Mason is awesome – he is loving the first time he sees Ellie, although he’s sure it’s just another fan trying to get to him.  He soon realizes Ellie is as she says – and really has no clue that he’s a famous hip-hop artist.  Mason, being the smooth talker he is – convinces her to go on a date, and with his built body and sexy tattoos, there is no way Ellie is turning him down. 
Ellie just has to stick to her “ten date” rule and keep in mind that Mason is only in town for a few weeks – as long as she has her “PP’s” on – things should be fine.  For the first date, they are fine, she’s even heeding her rules – but then going out again – she unexpectedly finds out who Mason really is and now she’s not sure about seeing him again – or following any rules.

Mason wants to give things a try – he trusts Ellie, which for him trust is a major issue – there are not many people he can trust because of his fame.  For Ellie, she’s used to men not staying in her life – and with Mason only in town for a while, she knows she’s asking for trouble.  Even though Mason is so attentive and caring about her feelings, she feels unworthy of it and questions why he would even be interested in her.
There’s so many issues they have to deal with to make their relationship work – and when Mason catches her in a situation – trust is quickly gone…. But, sometimes you can’t believe all the rumors, or even exactly what you see.  I really enjoyed this story and you will definitely root for Ellie and Mason to work things out – and get through all the rumors to the truth.  Looking forward to the next book for sure!


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About the Author

I have a soft spot for romance novels with happily ever afters and a hot spot for alpha males! I currently live outside Toronto, Canada with my hubby and two small children. Life is busy, but never to busy for a good story and to share my love of reading and writing with others.
My debut New Adult Contemporary Romance, Rumor Has It, releases December 6, 2013.


  1. Yay glad you both liked it it sounds like a book I would def. enjoy as well! I really want to meet this Mason fella! >.< Great reviews, ladies!

    1. Thanks!! Oh and you would definitely LOVE Mason - he's seriously hot! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks so much for being a part of the tour and for the read/review! So glad you enjoyed Mason & Ellie's story! :)


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