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Blog Tour: Strike by Holly S. Roberts

Strike is the second book in the Completion Series. There is no connection to Play (book I) except the sports theme. Strike is a standalone HEA novel.
Nineteen-year-old Jaycee Shumway breaks into professional baseball player, Reed Tyler’s home, to steal the second most valuable set of balls he owns. Neither of them expect their striking attraction or battle of wills to lead them to a homerun.
Jaycee has more than herself to worry about. When Reed discovers she has a younger brother and sister, he’s quickly caught up in their world of need and heartbreak.
Baseball season begins and the separation puts Reed and Jaycee’s game on hold. With bases loaded and hearts on the line, will Reed convince Jaycee that she needs him to win or will Jaycee strike out and walk off the field forever?
This New Adult book is intended for mature audiences.
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His husky laughter rang out, drowning me in the sexy sound. Why couldn’t he snort like a pig or something just as ridiculous when he laughed?
“You’re very concerned about my balls,” he said when his laughter died away.
My smartass mouth took front and center. “If you remember… I’ve seen your balls and it would be unsporting of me not to be concerned.”
Oh, God, his eyes sparkled and I would do anything to take back my words and the thoughts they conjured.
Reed wouldn’t let it pass. “I’ve seen a fair amount of you and that also causes me concern. So much concern that I didn’t sleep well last night.”
Mortification anyone?
“A gentleman wouldn’t bring that up.”
This time, his laugh was plain evil. “A gentleman wouldn’t have cut away your shirt and bra. A gentleman wouldn’t have admired your tits. A gentleman wouldn’t do this…”
I had no time to prepare for what happened next. His warm lips took mine at the same time his hands closed around my upper arms, trapping me. My entire body reacted to the kiss. I grew light-headed, my breasts ached, and my heart almost exploded out of my chest. But it was the taste of his mouth that had me squeezing my thighs together. I never knew anyone could taste this good. There was no description on earth that did it justice. I wanted to eat him whole.

This book was an amazing mix of sweet and sexy all wrapped up in a great story that was perfectly written.

I went into this book not having read the blurb and the first page didn't really grab my interest but by the third page I was wrapped and unable to put the book down.

From the second we met Reed and his balls I was in a serious case of soaking wet panties lust. I mean what's not to love about a man who is as sweet as he is hung, with a touch of kinky thrown in?
This whole book was all about Reed. Jaycee was sweet and likable but Reed was everything I could ever need and then some. His absolute commitment to winning over Jaycee has made him a definite contender for Book Boyfriend of the year and the bondage didn't hurt either ;)

This is the first book I have read by this author and I have to say I am hooked. Seriously run out and get this book right now and lie back and enjoy a book that has a whole heap of

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Meet The Cast
Character Casting - Jaycee
Jaycee Shumway
Character Casting
 Reed Tyler
Holly S. Roberts is the bestselling author of fourteen novels, and writes under three pen names. A romantic at heart, she fell in love at the age of twelve with a boy she saw across junior high school campus. Four years later, he took notice and she never let go.Her career in law enforcement gives her a reason to want romance, happy endings, and anything that takes her away from real life when she reads and writes. She can shoot a mean game of pool, toss back a straight shot of tequila, and recite the Gettysburg Address.Holly lives high in the mountains in the southwest United States with her husband, Rottweiler and Chihuahua.
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  1. I absolutely LOVED both of your reviews! Thank you so much and I might need to swipe that chair pic :-)

    1. Thank you Holly!! We loved Reed and his awesome use of that kitchen chair!! I thought that my picture fit perfectly. I grabbed you feel free LOL. <3


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