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Spotlight: Valentine’s Day Interview with Nathan and Lila - K.I.Lynn’s Breach series

The girls at Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews are super excited to have the opportunity to interview Nathan and Lila from the Breach Series.  They were also kind enough to bring KI along, so she can put her two cents in and bring us up to date on what’s happening in their lives. But really, we think Lila dragged KI along to make sure Nathan stays in line and behaves. We, on the other hand, think Nathan is at his sexiest when he’s wild. So, we’re all hoping he gets a little out of control. 
We like to thank our lovely couple for taking the time out of their busy schedules to talk about their relationship, future plans, boudoir activities and how they are spending their first Valentine’s Day together.
*Collective sighs from the SP girls*

SPRR - Hi guys, thanks for taking the time and stopping by.  Now that everyone knows you are a couple, the office must be buzzing.  Nathan, nice proposal. I’m sure you made the bitch brigade real happy with your public proclamations of love for Lila. Now that you’re officially off the market, they must be busting. You certainly gave them something to talk about around the water cooler, huh? 
Nathan - *snort* Bitch Brigade, I like that one. And when aren’t those bitches running their mouths about some shit? Now the only thing they’ll have to talk about me is how they won’t be getting my cock. Ever. 
SPRR –How are the wedding plans coming along, Lila? Will it be a big affair or small and intimate? 

Lila - Well…umm…the wedding. Yeah, that’s something. They’re…coming. Definitely small and intimate.

SPRR –And, Nathan, how much say do you have on the big day? Are you ready to throw Lila over your shoulder like a caveman, fly to Vegas and elope? 

Nathan - I’m the one spending half my time getting her to stop suggesting we go to the courthouse. She deserves a wedding, to be the center of attention, and I want to see her walk down the aisle to me. I want to give her the dreams she denied herself. Sooner rather than later would be good, though. I’m not that patient. No fucking year long engagement.
SPRR – Have you guys moved in together? Nathan, dude – are you still ripping down the sheetrock or have you controlled your urge to “redecorate” on your own? 

Nathan - What rock have you been hiding under? You really think I was going to let her ever stay another night in her place after what that mother-fucking piece of shit did to her in there? No. She moved in months ago. And, thanks to some boxing classes and a personal trainer, I work a lot of aggression out that way, rather than on the drywall. Also, being happy helps. Doesn’t mean my sexual aggression is any less. I still want my girl all the damn time, and hard. 
SPRR - What special surprises do you have planned for your first Valentines Day?  Will it be romantically sweet, or raunchy & kinky?

Nathan - Romance all the way. We’re going to a nice steak dinner, have a drink, buy some beautiful roses. I need to wine and dine her before I take her home and fuck her like a whore until she passes out. 
SPRR – (mouths gapping open, eyes twinkling) Um, well, that sounds like a great plan…. moving on… Nathan, any special gifts you’re giving or using on Lila? Some toys perhaps?

Nathan - No toys, really. If she’s good, I’ll break out a tie or maybe the handcuffs. I did buy her something special. Something sure to drive me insane. 
SPRR - Lila, are you breaking out the sluttiest negligée you have and a nice pair of eff-me pumps to celebrate?

Lila - I don’t really have anything like that. I mean, the negligee. I do have a few lacy sets.
Nathan – Almost every pair of heels she has are FMP’s. 
SPRR -Ok Lila, what would be the perfect date night for you? 
Lila - I’m not sure I can even imagine a better one than our first. The one at his parent’s house was perfect. 
SPRR - Nathan… you down with Lila’s date idea? 
Nathan - That’s a great idea every once in a while, but now that everyone knows, we can go out and do more. I’ll top it. 
SPRR - What was the most romantic gesture Nathan has done for you? 
Lila - Proposing in front of everyone. It was completely unexpected and made us more than a dirty little secret. He told everyone he loved me and wanted to marry me. 
SPRR - Nathan, what is your fondest memory of Lila?

Nathan - When she told me she loved me. We had a particularly bad session. There was fighting, making out, then she was slapping me… The moment was us, our whole relationship. Push and pull, but never letting go. And when she said that to me, it made all the shit we were going through worth it. 

SPRR - Lila, Honeybear, what’s the sweetest thing Nathan has done that absolutely melted your heart (and/or panties)? 

Lila - My copy of Jane Eyre he bought me when I was in the hospital. I was so close to caving in that moment 
Nathan – And the thing that melts her panties is my mouth. Once the panties are gone my cock can move right in. 
SPRR – (Gulp) Wow, yeah, that would melt them…(incinerate them is more like it). OK Nathan – Some of your Sizzling fan-girls would like to know if you could be a superhero, who would you be? (Just so you know, one of us totally envisions you as Iron Man – she has a Robert Downey Jr. fixation) Lila & KI, which hero best suits Nathan’s character? 
Nathan – Sadly, Iron Man wasn’t as popular when I was a kid. I always wanted to be Superman. Erin and me would make capes and fly around my parent’s backyard fighting evil. She was Super Girl, of course. We even put our underwear outside our pants. I can’t rock that look anymore, but I’d love the powers. 
K.I. – Hmm, that’s a tough one. I think I have to say Thor. He has ego, love and devotion for his family, and wants to make his world a better place and keeps those he loves safe. 
SPRR – Yes, and Thor is good with his hammer… 
Nathan – Fuck, K.I., way to make me sound like a sap. 
K.I. – You know as well as I do under that asshole exterior you’re a good man. 
Lila – He’s a very good man, he’s just also a guy. 
Nathan – Enough ganging up on me, get on with it. 
Lila – I have no clue. After my accident I’m now caught up on all the superhero movies, but I can’t say one over the other. 
Nathan always wants to do what’s right. He’s his own super hero. 
SPRR – Awh how sweet

Nathan – My cock has super powers. 
SPRR –* stares, mouthes wide open *  Alrighty then, now that we got the lovey-dovey questions out of the way, we want the down and dirty details.   So feel free to give us the nitty gritty and don’t leave out the good parts. It’s no secret you both like to do the nasty in public.  Which was your favorite encounter? Are you up to more risky PDA trysts? (Don’t forget the wheres and hows). 
Nathan – I get hard at the thought of someone finding us while I’m balls deep. And I can’t deny it—marking her in the bathroom was the best. I didn’t understand, or want to understand at the time, but cornering her in that shit-hole of a bathroom, fucking her, then coming all over her face and chest, rubbing it in… Fuck, that was the best. There will be more. 
Lila – One of my favorites is in the new conference room. 
Nathan – They don’t know about the new conference room yet. 
Lila – Oh, that’s right. Well, then the other bathroom experience is high on my list. Though I think you just did it because you were pissed Drew was there. 
Nathan – Probably. 
Lila – More than probably, you were fingering me under the table! 
Nathan – Have to keep you prepared to receive me whenever I want. 
Lila - *rolls eyes* 
Nathan – You act like that’s new and strange. 
Lila – More like inappropriate in a business meeting. 
Nathan – You liked it. And if you try to deny it I’ll do it again right here. *silence* That’s what I thought. 
SPRR – * Silence… someone panting *Lila, Nathan, what is your ultimate desire? That dark secret sexual fantasy you are longing for, but never had to courage to ask someone to share with you?  Do you guys have any fetishes?  Do you role-play? 
Nathan - *laughing* Yeah, Lila lets me act out many of my desires and sexual fantasies. But ultimate? Dark secret? Most of our adventures are those I used to have. 
Lila – Nathan pinning me to the wall and taking me was my ultimate fantasy. The need he has that pours out of him. Though the thought of being filled in both places makes me squirm. 
Nathan – I need to grow another dick, because there is no fucking way I’m letting another guy touch you.

SPRR - Are you willing to satisfy one another’s wishes?

Nathan – As long as it doesn’t involve another man… other than someone accidently walking in on us. That can’t be helped, and it hot as hell—the threat of getting caught. 
SPRR -What positions would you like to explore with one another? 
Nathan – As much as I love to dominate her, there are times that I love to let her take over. Handcuff me to the bed and ride me. 
Lila – You’ll just break the headboard again.
Nathan – Maybe, but I do love to watch you take your orgasm from me. Your tits bouncing, hypnotizing me. 
Lila – Do you have to tell them everything? 
Nathan - *shrugs* Why not? Come on, tell them what position you want and I’ll give it to you tonight. 
Lila – Are there any left? I’d have to break out the Kama Sutra at this point. 
Nathan – Good point. Maybe we could try reverse cowgirl. We haven’t done that one yet. 
SPRR –Giddy up… OK, Lila, are there any hard limits for you? If one of Nathan’s fantasies over stepped your comfort zone, would you give in for his pleasure?

Lila – Hard limits sounds like BDSM. I’m not in to a lot of that. No blood play or breath play, nothing that leaves any marks…well, besides biting and bruising from his hands, because I love that. I’m sure as hell not into caning.
Nathan – I’m not that sick of a fucker. I don’t get my rocks off by hurting her. Hard limit for me is another fucker in with us. No fucking way. 
Lila – They didn’t ask you.
Nathan – No, but sorry, baby, the only DP you’re getting is my cock and a dildo. 
SPRR - Nathan, you are famous for you animalist, almost brutal, sexual encounters.  Things can be a bit, ehem… heated with the griping, bruising, biting, hair pulling, rough and tough bam-bam™ banging sex we come to love. Where you always this ferocious in the sack, or is that special for Lila? If so, what is it about Lila that triggers that carnal side of you? 
Nathan - I think I always had it in me. Grace wasn’t into it, so I didn’t get to delve too deep into my depravity. After the accident though…everything was off. I wasn’t me anymore, life wasn’t right. I was so angry that I didn’t care about being polite, I just needed to get off, to feel something. When I met Lila there was this intense attraction that grated on me every day, and when it exploded everything I’d ever held back was let out. Lila drives me crazy without trying. She’s so fucking sexy and I just attack. This beast inside me needs to take her all the damn time and claim her like a fucking caveman.
SPRR – Love Nathan the caveman! - KI, the success of the series has been extraordinary. Does it surprise you how popular and beloved Nathan and Lila have become? 
KI - I was very worried how Nathan would be perceived. As you well know, he has quite the mouth. And I always knew/hoped they could be popular and beloved by many. I have so much love for these characters and their story. I’m so happy to find other people who love them as much as I do. 
SPRR –We’re on pins and needles waiting for more Nathan.  Any hints on what to expect in Reciprocity? How do the outside forces like Lila’s family and Marconi’s factor in?
KI - Reciprocity has it all. I’ve waited a long time to get to this portion of the story. It’s the culmination of everything. I can’t divulge too much information, there needs to still some surprises, but I can tell you there will be sexy times and a trial.

SPRR -Will there be any spin offs from the Breach Series?

KI - At this time I have no spin offs planned. It’s all up to the fans. Tell me what you want.
SPRR – A great big thanks to the happy couple and KI for chatting with us.  Congrats, Nathan & Lila, on your recent engagement and enjoy your first Valentines Day together. You certainly made ours more… interesting. We are really looking forward to more of you in Reciprocity  - especially you Nathan. * wink *
Nathan – All this talk about sex has got my dick hard. Can I go fuck my girl now? I’d do it here, but there are too many women already staring at my cock.

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K.I. Lynn spent her life in the arts, everything from music to painting and ceramics, then to writing. Characters have always run around in her head, acting out their stories, but it wasn’t until later in life she would put them to pen. It would turn out to be the one thing she was really passionate about.

Since she began posting stories online, she’s garnered acclaim for her diverse stories and hard hitting writing style. Two stories and characters are never the same, her brain moving through different ideas faster than she can write them down as it also plots its quest for world domination…or cheese. Whichever is easier to obtain… Usually it’s cheese.


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