Monday, December 16, 2013

On the 10th day of Sizzling Christmas: Cariad's Review of New Year by Bonnie Dee

On the 10th day of Sizzling Christmas :

~ Cariad's Sizzling Review~

By Bonnie Dee

Tension and family holidays go together like eggnog and candy canes. 

When lawyer Anna brings her boyfriend Jason home for the holidays, it’s a recipe for family drama. Her parents have high expectations for her fast-track future. 
And those don’t include her hooking up with a kennel worker suffering 
the results of traumatic brain injury. 

With a lousy memory and a shaky past, Jason knows he’s no prize. But what he and Anna have together is priceless. An impulsive proposal on the way to her family’s house seems the best way to prove his feelings for her are forever. Anna’s hesitation to accept stops his heart. And when she seems willing to use him to get back at her manipulative mom, 
Jason wonders if he’s made the mistake of his life. 

Exposed to the light of critical eyes, Jason and Anna’s fairy-tale romance threatens to crumble. The hurdles of their pasts may prove too much for this princess and her pauper. 
And this new year may ring in bright beginnings – or the end of all their hopes and dreams.

 Following on from New Life this fairytale continues into Christmas. 
It is a beautiful story and I'd really love for Jason to make more of a recovery
 if there's to be a third book? 

My ~ 4.75 stars New Life ~ Review



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