Monday, December 23, 2013

On the 3rd Day of Sizzling Christmas: Married For Christmas by Noelle Adams

On the 3rd Day of Sizzling Christmas 
~Diana's Sizzling Review~

My Review:

3.5 star read!!

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Heart felt, warm and spiritual!

This was a beautiful Friends to Lovers story with a non-conventional marriage twist..

Daniel was a Pastor and recent young widow. He hasn't been able to get over his tragic sudden loss, but won't let that get in his way of doing his job and being there for others.

Jessica was focused on her career and didn't give much thought to marriage since the only person she would have considered perfect was already taken. An unfortunate event brought her closer to her Best Friend and she's done everything possible to be supportive and understanding

Daniel & Jessica come to an agreement and marry for the convenience of it. She wants a family which he could provide and He needs to be a family man if he wants to be respected further in his congregation and it doesn't hurt that their best friends already and have a history of memories and do Love each other, but just not in that way or so they thought!

The story was pretty steamy and a bit angsty at parts when Daniela or Jessica would pull away due to the uncertainty of their feelings.. The Holidays and some Life altering events brought to light what should have been from the first.. They truly were meant to be together!

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