Saturday, December 14, 2013

On the 12th Day of Sizzling Christmas: Dubicki's by Lisa Andres

On the 12th day of Sizzling Christmas :

~ Nichole's Sizzling Review~

 This was a sweet sexy story about a forbidden love. Christmas is on it's way and Kelsey and Jason meet in the most unfortunate ways. Jason is out to land his biggest deal and Kelsey's family business is all that stands in the way. Despite the conflict of interest these two can't stay away from each other and a sweet romance begins.
 This was a sweet debut romance from Lisa Andres and I felt it was a very sexy read. Jason had hardened his heart but Kelsey knocked down his walls and helped him to realize all that he had been missing. Tender moments growing closer and getting to know each other made me love this couple. Jason pulled out all the stops and turned out to be pretty romantic.

Their love scenes were  sizzling hot and I enjoyed the secondary characters and can't wait to read Jesse's book. MMA fighter yum.



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