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On the 1st day of Sizzling Christmas: A Vampire's Christmas Carol & Twelfth Night by Kallista Dane

Merry Christmas 
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~1st day of Sizzling Christmas~
*We bring you a couple Sizzling Reviews*

Vampire's Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden
I went into this read thinking, Hot Vampire Christmas Novella...easy breezy sizzling and sweet right?
Oh hell no!
 This was a dark and intense and at times painful journey.

Ben, is a vampire and is on the cusp of turning dark, completely dark, where killing without remorse begins. He's been tormented for a decade of memories of a love lost. His love so long ago in the most tragic of circumstances. But, she never really left him. Not by her own choices. What he believed for all of these years isn't what really happened.

One moment, of weakness and lust , changed everything.

Simone, once a vibrant woman in love is now torn between two worlds,
trying to save the man she loves from choices that can destroy both of their futures. Each time she does something to help she pays a price. One price she is willing to pay because of how much she loves this man.

Can she help him in time? Will he make the right choice?
Ben, is visited by 3 spirits, Past , Present and Future.

Will he let them guide him to change his destiny?

One moment given to him as a gift , a sizzling intense encounter and Ben and Simone are swept away for as short time , back into each others arms.

When Ben finds out what Simone is giving up for him. What will he do?

 Their dreams were  interrupted so long ago. Their love will not be denied as both fight their way back to each other.

A Dark but intensely sweet romance that is sure to warm up your Christmas.

4 brightly shining stars

I don't do Vampires! Or Demons, or PNR in general for that matter!
So this must be good as I'd devoured it in 24 hours!!

A demon, a shifter and an angel 

walk into a bar... to save a vampire!
It can only be a Christmas Carol!

We all know the Dickens tale. This is just a really well written rendition of it.

 Cynthia Eden drew me in with beautiful lines like this...
angel speaks




"Bah, humbug!"? Not at all!... Merry Christmas!

Times have been tough for Kayla and Matt - not only financially but also things have changed in their marriage over the years. Christmas has come and deciding this year not to spend much on each other - just the kids, Kayla tries to think of a gift for Matt.  With a little thought and help from a stranger Kayla comes up with an idea -

“What I need to do is make an effort to give to him all year long, not just on Christmas Eve. Twelfth night…hmmm…twelve special evenings? Maybe it’s time to get past my inhibitions and give my husband some of the things he’s always wanted. Bob may be right. I don’t need money to make him happy.”

So Kayla gets some paper and envelopes and starts making Matt's present.

Meanwhile, Matt happens to meet the same stranger and gets his own ideas for a Christmas present for Kayla.

"Women want a real man, someone they can depend on. Someone they can respect. The stronger your woman is, the more she secretly craves a man who will take control. Don’t ever allow your wife to treat you poorly. There were times when I had to put Emily over my lap for a serious paddling – times when she lost her temper and raised her voice to me."

“You’d be surprised how a good apology – or occasionally a good spanking – can make for a great night later! By the way, my name is Bob.

Together they share their presents that end up lasting throughout the year and change the entire dynamics of their marriage along with the love and respect they have for each other.
I had no idea what this book was about when I went to read it - and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story and was so glad I took the time to read it.  It gives all of us in a relationship a good idea for gift to give from the heart for the one we love - whether we give gifts like Kayla and Matt or come up with our own ideas that will strengthen the bond with our significant other. 
"Don’t ever lose the romance, the passion.  It’s what will see you through the bad times.  The world outside your door may be cold and harsh, but when you’re in each other’s arms, you can make that whole world go away, even if it’s just for a little while.  Sometimes that’s enough to give you both the strength to go on when times are tough.”

Kayla and Matt are not in a very festive mood this Christmas.  Falling on tough financial times coupled with an already stressed, rocky marriage, times are not happy in their household.  They are both tired from working crazy hours.  Matt retreats and keeps to himself and Kayla is a screaming shrew.  They have no time to themselves between work and raising two teenagers.  The spark seemed to have faded in their relationship.

In a quandary as to what to gift her husband, Kayla consults with a stranger, Bob, a customer who visits her place of work.  Sharing his words of wisdom on how special marriage is, Kayla concocts an idea for her husband’s Christmas gift, as well as adding spice to their marriage.

Twelve envelopes....promising to fulfill sexual fantasies....hopefully adding life back into their relationship.  These gifts are to be used any time Matt wishes.

Matt is frustrated as well.  He no longer knows how to communicate with his wife. One day, he to0 has a visitor at his place of business. Bob, a customer, who shares the secrets of his own marriage.  Bob’s suggestion to Matt....take control, be strong, and let Kayla know who wears the pants in the family.  The result?  Matt becomes a major Alpha.  Bob’s words of wisdom coupled with Kayla’s gifts bring out the dominant side in Matt.  And this side is ass spanking fantastic.

Bob....Could he be a Christmas angel sent to save Kayla and Matt?

Over the next twelve months, Matt cashes in these “gift” envelopes and they manage to mend their broken relationship.  The sex is off the charts and they become a loving couple once again.

“Twelfth Night” was an enjoyable festive read.  Just the right spicy story for the holiday season.

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