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On the 5th day of Sizzling Christmas: Every Year by Kristen Ashley

On The 5th   day of Sizzling Christmas

Ang's Review of Every Year by Kristen Ashley

“Every Year” 
Chaos 2.5 
by Kristen Ashley
Christmas with the Allens and Cages

Christmas, the happiest time of year, brings back memories of childhood, family, love and traditions. But for some, the memories may not be so pleasant. That’s the case for Parker “Shy” Cage and his brother Landon. Early in their lives, they suffered the tragic loss of their parents, which led to years filled with heartaches...

Shy Cage

“Me and Lan, we aren’t used to happy.”

Landon Cage

However, in the bosom of the Allen family, Shy and Landon have found what was missing in their lives. They once again become part of a family - experiencing the joys of what it love and be loved, to find peace and comfort, to share the good, the bad and to belong.  It was heartwarming experiencing the Cage brothers relive their few happy memories through Rider and Cutter (Tack an Tyra’s boys). It rekindled a spark in their eyes and touched their souls.  Shy finally finding his peace and comfort with Tabby and the Allen's, carrying out old traditions and beginning some new.

Rider and Cutter Allen

Tabby Allen

“Sometimes, something so beautiful happens, you can’t process it and it builds up inside so big, you can’t do anything but cry.
A family tradition that was once though lost, has now been found through his love for Tabby.  Like his father before him, each year, Shy’s Christmas gift to Tabby will be a pair of earrings symbolizing a promise of eternal love.  **SWOON**


Having a glimpse into anything Tack, is a special treat. He is the ultimate KA alpha - the top literary motorcycle dude for me (Really... he IS the sexiest, sweetest, gentlest, badass growler - YUM).  Tack will make you laugh, with all his wise cracks and cursing on Christmas Day, as well as melt you heart with all his sugary sweetness. 


Tyra, the family matriarch, is still the feisty smart-ass red head, who barely manages to keep everyone in line.

"Nothing, is more important than family. So it's a blessing when that family grows. Shy, Lan, welcome to our family”.

          Rush, hope to see his story in the future....

I truly enjoyed revisiting some of my favorite storybook characters. Kristen Ashley dazzles us with yet another emotional tale filled with laughs, tears and sizzling scenes. (Yep, even in a short story, KA manages to squeeze in some hanky-panky).  I’m looking forward to future sequels to the Chaos Series. Perhaps Rush and Landon will get their turn.  
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year to all!


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