Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the 9th day of Sizzling Christmas: Christmas Catch by Chelsea Cameron

On the 9th Day of Sizzling Christmas

~Tara's Sizzling Review~

I love this author. She writes stories that make you smile and feel like you have been captured into the story. Her characters are very likable. With her books I usually tend to be drawn to one of her characters and in this book it proved no different. I loved Sawyer. He seemed so real, sweet and caring. Its nice to read about a guy who is just a really good guy that is not bringing all the baggage to the table.
Ivy is running - running from her life that she thought was not for her. She has left everything behind to run off for college, but on a return trip she soon realizes what you are running from can quickly turn to what you are running to. Ivy is tough, but she also knows that what you find in family can never be replaced. 

Cameron is able to take a short story and make you feel like you read a full length novel. She packs so much information and detail that by the end you just feel full-filled.  This was a great story about reaching out and taking what you want from life. Leaving behind a life you thought was not for you and finding out that in the end - its where you belong.

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