Friday, December 20, 2013

On th 6th Day of Sizzling Christmas: Santa Wore Leathers by Vonnie Davis

On the 6th Day of Sizzling Christmas

~Trish's Sizzling Review~

I had the privilege of reading "Santa Wore Leathers" by Vonnie Davis for my 12 Days of Sizzling Review.

The fun part of this book is it is where I live...... a fact I didn't know when I picked it.  Becca Sinclair is a reporter for a Clearwater Fl paper, she really wants to get a colum but for now  she lives  with her German Shepard Einstein (who is hysterical and has  a big part in the book) and  blogs about her life and the "man whore" who moved in next door.  Since her divorce, Becca doesn't have much use for men.

Dan ‘Wolf’ Wolford, ex Navy Seal, current commander of the  Florida Marine Rescue Unit.  From Becca's eyes, he is the ultimate man whore....... all sorts of woman coming and going from his place.  When Wolf turns his attention on Becca, she uses all her humor and snark to keep him away, but Einstein seems to take a liking to Wolf.... personally delivering Becca's thongs to him and forcing them into more encounters than Becca would like........ until she starts to see the man beneath the perception she has.

Becca wants NOTHING to do with Wolf or the Christmas season...... she is still smarting from her divorce, while Wolf does nothing small...... his Christmas is over the top in every way, and when Becca learns about the stream of woman that are around Wolf, she understands why.

This is truly a book about family, friendship and love..... with a seriously hot ex-seal.  Becca and Wolf both overcome a lot to be with each other.  For a short novella, there is quite a lovely, sweet, funny, sexy story.  Perfect holiday read.

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